My Favorite Piece: Jeffrey Sebelia

NAME: Jeffrey Sebelia

COMPANY: La Miniatura
Jeffrey Sebelia started off designing one-offs for rockers such as Dave Navarro and Chester Bennington with his line Cosa Nostra, and he went on to become the winner of Project Runway’s third season and a creative director for Fluxus. Now the designer has set his sights a little smaller—as in children’s clothes—with his line La Miniatura. “Being a father, it is tough to find cool clothes for kids, so I decided to make my own,” Sebelia says. “For the boys’ line I basically make clothes that I would like to wear, only in children’s sizes. I’m now launching a little girls’ line that’s reminiscent of stuff I’ve done for celebrities.”

The clothes are kiddie couture, and Sebelia has a built-in focus group in his son’s playdates. “I think we underestimate young boys’ and girls’ senses of style.”

“I had this huge chest piece of a bat and bird fighting, and when my son was born I was thinking of things for my neck. We are Italian and Spanish, so I had Joey Galigher tattoo my neck with his name, Harrison Detroit, and L’Amor De La Mia Vita, the love of my life. With one letter difference, it is both Spanish and Italian.”

FAVORITE FASHION PIECE: Ombre? Seersucker Suit
“I am proud because I have never seen a dip-dyed seersucker suit before. I love trying to reimagine classics.”

QUOTE: “Whether we are into sports or academics, there is something inside most people that makes us want to look good and be comfortable.”

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