My Favorite Piece: Willy Chavarria

NAME: Willy Chavarria

COMPANY: Palmer Trading Company
As Willy Chavarria and David Ramirez roamed around Ramirez’s hometown of Palmer, MA, they surveyed the decay of textile mills and knew that they wanted to bring back quality, American-made wares. They started by selling antiques along with old Red Wing boots and Levi’s jeans on the streets of New york, then found a permanent address for their business in Soho. Palmer Trading Company’s retail space was constructed with original wood from an old mill and houses both old and new pieces, all made with extreme care. Their clothing line is masculine and classic, and they mix vintage style with premium fabrics and updated fits to make timelessly hip fashion. “Our customers are guys from 25 to 75,” says Chavarria. “We were selling clothes that were over 100 years old, so we want the same from our pieces. The intent is that they last for generations.”

FAVORITE PIECE: St. Francis of Assisi
“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been into St. Francis of Assisi. I grew up in a gang area of California, and St. Francis being the patron saint of animals, he brings peace, he calms the roaring tiger. I had a few tattoos from growing up, but I held off on getting more tattoos until my mid 40s. Seth Wood at Saved did the sleeve in a Japanese style. The lamb doubles as a symbol of the ‘Lamb of God’ and signifies wool, which is my favorite fabric.”

“It was inspired by an iconic blazer by a company which can’t be named and is actually made in the same factory as the original from the ’50s.

QUOTE: “One of the reasons I avoided tattoos for so long is because they became fashion. The best thing about fashion is that it is temporary, that you are able to put it on and take it off. But, like with my clothing, I found a timeless design.”

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