Nathan Kostechko

What do you want to accomplish when you tattoo?

Hopefully when someone sees my work, they get something out of it and don’t just pass it by. I want it to make you stop and look for a second. And I hope the client is happy.

Your work is eerie but beautiful—what draws you to that realm?

I just enjoy using black ink and listening to metal. Black tattoos can seem eerie just because color is absent. The human body loves black tattoo ink—it goes in and stays in skin the strongest. Since it stands out so much from skin it looks eerie just because it is so unnatural to the human eye.

How do your pieces define you as an artist?

I’ve realized that people’s perception of you is through your tattoo work. I’d rather tattoo people who are interested in similar things as I am. Tattooing a specific way will help me obtain the clients I want and allow me to tattoo how I want to. I just enjoy artwork that creates curiosity.

What are your artistic influences?

Life experiences—being out and about trying to travel to every little pocket of the world. Seeing something new every day: new places, people, art, and artists. Also, getting tattooed as much as possible, skateboarding and surfing, hearing new music and sounds, eating new foods … I am influenced by everything that is in front of me.

Where are you based these days?

At the moment I am a traveling tattoo artist. I don’t really have a base of operation.

How does traveling inform your work?

You get inspired by the unknown, and when you’re guest-spotting it’s the same. You are in a new environment, which heightens your senses because your surroundings are unfamiliar. You have to be on point with working because you are out of your comfort zone. It’s always a huge learning experience—not just in tattooing but as a person as well. Traveling is the best thing for humans to do.

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