New York Doll

Sex Trash by Stephanie Paterek bustier and panties; Le Mos gold ring.

hen word hit INKED’s office that there was going to be a NY Ink, speculation on who the tattooers would be chewed up the rest of the working day. Someone would rattle off the name of an artist and that would be answered with something like, “He would be a perfect wise elder,” “She’s a great artist but too shy for the camera,” or “No way would he pass the background check.” We each had our perfect cast in mind, with every reality-TV casting category filled (the foil, the villain, the edgy one, etc.). And while many of our prospective pages for the show looked completely different, one thing many of us agreed on was who should be the talented pretty girl. Megan Massacre is the only person we’ve honored with an artist profile in INKED and also shot for our sexy sister publication Inked Girls.

I had interviewed the Pennsylvanian for her artist profile and really appreciated her talent, so I visited Wooster Street Social Club, the SoHo shop where she works and stars in NY Ink, to have her tattoo me. I’m working on an amalgam of childhood memories on my right side to commemorate the things that have shaped and inspired me. The next piece I had in mind was script from Alice in Wonderland that would read, “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” Megan’s the perfect person to tattoo it—she’s a sweet young lady whom I suppose would inspire many people to utter that same question.

As she set to work on the tattoo, Megan explained that coming to Wooster Street and being filmed makes her feel as if she is indeed in Wonderland. “This is my first experience with anything like this—being followed around with cameras everywhere I go,” she says. “But I believe this experience has actually helped me grow not only as an artist but also as a person. It’s not every day you get an opportunity to work in an amazing new shop in New York City with some of the top-notch artists in the industry. I feel truly very lucky.”
Massacre has always been on a trajectory toward being a world-famous tattooist. “My mom has drawings I’ve done all the way back from when I was 2 years old, and even has pictures of me as a child using markers to draw fake tattoos all over her,” she says. Along her path, she’s also honed in on a style. “I would describe my personal drawing as whimsical, with a cute yet sometimes creepy feel,” she says. “Although the colors are very bright, the imagery is usually more on the darker or gothic side.”

Bright colors with an undertone of darkness seems the antithesis of her look, a porcelain doll with jet-black hair and eyes, body language, and facial expressions that convey warmth, not creepiness. “I look at modeling as another form of art,” she explains. “Some artist friends have told me that I should give up modeling so that my work … would be taken more seriously. But the thought that I would have to hide my face in order for my work to be taken seriously is ridiculous.”

In fact, her tattoos would have captured my attention even if someone told me a toothless meth addict had crafted them. But Megan can’t help who she is: a beautiful, strong female artist—which does have its benefits. “An advantage in being a female is that it makes you unique because there are so few of us,” she says. “It helps you stand out in the sea of all the amazing artists that populate the tattooing industry today.” The only con of being the sole female tattooist at Wooster Street is “having to always put the toilet seat down.” As she finished up my piece, Massacre reflected on her gender and her journey thus far: “In the end I don’t want to be known as a great female artist—I want to be known as a great artist.”

Sex Trash by Stephanie Paterek bra and underwear; Rock & Republic heels.

Maison Close bra and thong; L.A.M.B. heels; Occulter ring.

Maison Close underwear; Ayaka Nishi bracelet.

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