Most people know OK Go more for the choreographed treadmill work of their YouTube sensation video than their actual music. For the uninitiated: The L.A.-via-Chicago band build wild disco-jam pop songs that sound as if The Strokes were crammed through a Prince filter. On their latest, the drums are big, the bass slinky, and the vocals soaring. Start with “Needing/Getting”; the beat thumps and singer Damian Kulash wails, “It don’t get much dumber than trying to forget a girl when you know that you love her” before things crumble into a dub jam. “White Knuckles” is a rump-shaker with hand claps and funk riffs, and “All Is Not Lost” is indie rock ABBA—in a good way. The big, dreamy “In the Glass” is a great closer. It just needs a video.

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