Olivia Black

She’s the best thing to have walked into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop since the 2001 Super Bowl ring.

Not many girls would have the guts to answer a vague Craigslist job listing for a pawnshop employee, let alone go through with the interview when there’s an unexpected camera crew at the ready. Of course, Olivia Black, the newest member of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop—and, naturally, History Channel’s Pawn Stars— is not your average girl. In the six years Black has lived in Vegas, she’s never owned a television (when asked if she was in fact an American, she chalked this up to being an avid reader). So having never heard of Pawn Stars when she walked into the interview, she was naturally skeptical when they started rolling. “It made me nervous that they were quiet about the details on Craigslist,” she says. “And then I showed up and there were cameras, and I was definitely taken aback because I had no idea what I’d applied for. I walked in and I was like, ‘Uhh, is this a real job?’” But she handled herself with grace under camera and quickly became the shop’s new night shift broker. “I didn’t have much experience at all, but I have a drive and a passion and I’m extremely outgoing,” she says. “And my sales skills don’t hurt—I can sell someone the gum off the bottom of my shoe.”

The job’s graveyard shift also suits Black’s schedule. “I’ve always hoped I’d have the ability to pay to live my life but also have a decent amount of time to dedicate to volunteering,” she says. “I have my days free now, and I work at nights at the shop, so during the days it gives me the flexibility to do all the things in the city I want to accomplish.” She currently works with Casa De Luz, a 24-hour community resource center, on more than a few projects to improve her community.

On her journey to working at a pawnshop and being on TV, she bounced around collecting tattoos along the way. “My skin is my yearbook,” Black says. “When something is dramatically changing and I need to remember that feeling, I get a tattoo. A lot of my tattoos are already planned out, and I’ll pick which one encompasses what I’m feeling or going through. And I’ll add tidbits in the moment.” She’s steadily inking her way toward a full suit, and is well on her way, from her sleeve dedicated to traditional tattoos to her leg reserved for childhood memories. The next step is a Nightmare Before Christmas back piece that artist Ruby Croak will design to flow with the natural form of her feminine curves. “It’s going to work with my back so that any position I’m sitting in flows,” Black says. “I made the mistake of getting a pinup girl on my rib cage once, and if I’m ever not standing up perfectly straight, she looks horrible. That gal’s gotta go.” As for a Pawn Stars–inspired tattoo? “I’ll definitely be getting a piece for my job soon,” Black promises. “I’m so gifted to have this opportunity.

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