Our Fair Laydi

La Perla white underwear; Trash and Vaudeville red heels; The Family Jewels vintage white bustier.
“Hello, is Laydi available?”
“This is she.”
you won our calendar contest.”

Laydi Marie was a makeup artist who spent her time dolling up others for photo shoots when she and a gal pal stumbled across our Sailor Jerry calendar contest online.

“It started out as a late-night joke between my friend Lara and I,” she says. “I saw there was a casting call and we spent the next few hours laughing and posing for each other to submit photos.” From that whim, her beauty, playfulness, and great Sailor Jerry–inspired ink (she has a Lady Liberty on her forearm) showed through in her submission and we were instantly smitten.

When asked if she might try to step back to the other side of the camera again, she sips her Sailor Jerry rum and Dr Pepper, smirks, and says, “I could get used to this.”

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