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Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven

Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven
621 S. Fourth St.
Philadelphia, PA

Established: 1989
Artists: Troy Timpel, Don Juan, Furry, Bird, KarelYes, you read it correctly; this shop is also called Philadelphia Eddie’s. “This was the first shop that Eddie Funk opened on Fourth Street,” explains Troy Timpel, who has owned the business along with Furry since 2002. “When he retired he offered ownership of the different locations to the guys who helped run them. We’re keeping his legacy going strong.” Today, Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven is known as a stellar custom shop and has gotten plenty of recognition thanks to the work of Japanese-style artist Don Juan and the rest of the close-knit staff. The group produces everything from large-scale pieces to portraits to the old-school, traditional style that put Philadelphia on the map as a serious tattoo town. In addition to running the shop, Timpel also owns Tattooed Kingpin clothing and organizes four major tattoo conventions, including the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, which takes place this year April 18 through 20.
Eat: Beau Monde, 624 S. Sixth St., 215-592-0656. Indulge your more sophisticated side with sweet and savory crepes from this sexy European bistro that’s located just off the hustle and bustle of touristy South Street.

Drink: Tattooed Mom, 530 South St., 215-238-9880. Soak in the heavily illustrated eye candy at this loud and cheap hangout. Bumper cars, couches, pool tables, and Taco Tuesdays make this South Street haunt a favorite of locals and wanna-hang-like-a-locals alike.

Spend: Sub Zero Skate Shop, 520 S. Fifth St., 215-925-9376. This shop has been a vital part of the Philadelphia skate scene for more than a decade, and it’s known just as much for its skilled skate teams as it is for the incredible selection of boards, shoes, and accessories.

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