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Philadelphia Eddie’s

Philadelphia Eddie’s
605-607 S. Fourth St.
Philadelphia, PA
Established: 1999
Artists: Jerry “Reds” Donohoe, Tom Napp, Jason Stewart, Topper, Frank Murphy, Charlie EastwoodFor those who appreciate a walk down memory lane, there’s only one shop in town to visit: Philadelphia Eddie’s. Opened 13 years ago by (you guessed it) “Philadelphia Eddie” Funk, it was passed down five years ago to two of his longtime colleagues, Jerry Donohoe and Tom Napp. These guys are the real deal for both authentic traditional work and the history of Philadelphia tattooing. “We were introduced to the profession when it hadn’t changed much from the turn of the century. All the secrecy and mystery still existed. It was incredibly hard to become a part of that world, since you couldn’t just open some catalog and order equipment, or expect that someone would take you on as an apprentice,” says Donohoe. “But now it’s a totally different world, and we’re passing on our experiences down to these guys at the shop so they can do their thing.” Some of the most prolific artists in the city work out of this large space, and they’re all passionate about being part of a straight-up street shop. “We stay loose and crazy in here,” Napp explains. “We give a good tattoo and try to have fun while we’re doing it.”
Eat: Southwark, 701 S. Fourth St., 215-238-1888. This elegant restaurant is one of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets, and it has a loyal following that appreciates the chef’s commitment to using local ingre dients in the inventive dishes. If you go, try the house-smoked duck breast.

Drink: The Latest Dish, 613 S. Fourth St., 215-629-0565. Drink yourself around the globe in this intimate bar/restaurant that serves a vast selection of beer—from 11 countries and counting—as well as an extensive wine list and cocktails that pack a serious punch. There’s dancing and more upstairs at Fluid, which hosts only the best DJs in the city.

Spend: Jinxed, 620 S. Fourth St., 215-978-JINX. Is it a toy store? Is it an art gallery, clothing shop, or bookstore? It doesn’t really matter; this eclectic storefront is a hell of a lot of fun to visit. Recent exhibits have included work by Steff Bomb, Albert Reyes, and tattoo artist Dave Fox.

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