Philly Ink

Philly Ink
3216 Kensington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

Established: 1980
Artists: Danny Emery, Danny Emery Jr. Piercer: Jaime Boehm
Philly Ink may be off the beaten path, but it’s well worth the trip into the Port Richmond section of the city. The shop, another former Philadelphia Eddie’s, is now run by Danny Emery, who grew up just six blocks away. “I used to get chased out as a kid because I was always coming around wanting to get tattooed,” he laughs. “It’s pretty ironic that I now own the place.” Emery found his legs as an artist at this street shop (he’s been here for 13 years) and fondly recalls the on-the-job education he got from Tom Napp and Charlie Eastwood. “Those guys really showed me the ropes and taught me how to work for Eddie.” The name of the business may have changed, but you can still expect the same level of passion and precision from this neighborhood kid who has always known he’d end up tattooing. “I love what I do, and I think my clientele knows it. This still doesn’t feel like a job to me.”
Eat: The Crazy Leprechaun, 3589 Richmond St., 215-423-3194. So it might not look like the ideal place to order a steak, but believe it: This unpretentious restaurant/bar serves up a damn good cut of beef. It gets a little crazy on game day and on the weekends (they’ve hosted everything from dwarf tossing to Kiss tribute bands), but if you’re looking for the heart and soul of Philly, this is the place.

Drink: Byrne’s Tavern, 3301 Richmond St., 215-634-8707. If you’re still searching for local flavor, keep your eyes open for the three-story-high shamrock sign that marks Byrne’s. Just make sure to heed their warning, “Be Good or Be Gone,” as you wash down a hot pork sandwich with a 20-ounce glass of Guinness.

Spend: Aside from the local florist, appliance store, and CVS, there aren’t many retailers in this part of town. Save your money for cab fare back and forth to the neighborhood—if you’re not a local, you’ll most likely be staying in another part of town.

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