Primal Urge

Primal Urge Studios
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94118-3405
Established: 2006
Artists: Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Yutaro Sakai, Phil Holt, Norm; Primal Urge proprietor
Grime talks fast, but his work takes time; his website,, informs visitors that the wait to get inked is currently a whopping three years. Opening the store just over a year ago (after, Grime says, he grew tired of the “speed freaks” and “shitty landlord” he was dealing with at the now-defunct Artwork Rebels), Grime and his staff of self-proclaimed “tattoo warriors” have carved out a niche for themselves in the Bay Area. And that’s not just because they have a reputation for producing super-high-quality work or because the owner is something of a tattoo rock star; the shop works because, as Grime says, “We’re really nice.” With no signage to advertise that they even exist, Primal Urge is the studio for the erudite collector looking for a warm, friendly environment.
Eat: Jasmine Tea House, 3253 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 415-826-6288; Stop by for well-executed yet inexpensive Mandarin fare at this restaurant in the Mission.

Drink: El Rio, 3158 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 415-282-3325; If the pool table and shuffleboard don’t keep you entertained at this eclectic neighborhood dive bar, don’t fret—the open-mic nights, free barbeques, and Sunday Salsa will. Spend: Just got inked by Grime? Complete the package with clothing from his own label, available in house.

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