Profile: Liz Cook


INKED MAG: What tattoo artists have influenced your style the most?

LIZ COOK: Johnny Head, Guy Aitchison, Dean Cook, Tom Renshaw, Nikko, DeVries, Roman … all of these artists really represent the next level of tattooing, and it became a personal goal to get to that point.

How would you describe your take on tattooing?

I have a heavy saturation with a focus on contrasting color theories—realism with some rendered illustrative elements. Pretty faces appear often as a theme for me, as I feel they really lend themselves to an understandable framework that works well for a multitude of other changing and developing artistic elements.

As a woman, does it seem more difficult to gain recognition as a tattoo artist?

I think there are so many good tattooers and artists that it is hard to gain recognition in the industry, regardless of whether you’re male or female. You really have to not only be a good artist but you also have to be a good businessperson. It definitely comes down to networking and great teamwork.

Can you tell us about any memorably odd tattoos you’ve done?

I did a portrait of my friend Peter where he was making this really cut-up face. Every time I look at it I just can’t help but laugh.

When you’re tattooing a pinup, do you focus on details that a male tattoo artist may not necessarily think about?

I have a certain way I like features to look like, but I have noticed the same thing from both male and female artists.

Do you have any tricks for executing a pinup?

I find for realistic pinups they just can’t be too small or the detail won’t hold up as well.

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