Purple Panther Tattoo

Purple Panther Design Inc
LOS ANGELES, CA 90046-3413

Established: 1991
Artists: Jessen, Emily Unsworth, Graham Chaffee, and Ace Farren Ford
You won’t find any heavy metal music blaring or stereotypical “tough guys” (read: assholes) with needles at this unpretentious shop. Specializing in high-quality, custom work and cover-ups, owner M. Alder stresses that it’s not about attitude at the Purple Panther. “The goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable coming in with their own ideas,” says Alder. What you’ll get when you step through the doors of this shop are classically trained artists who work closely with their clients to create something unique. “I like my artists to have a previous background in the arts,” Alder says. Artist Graham Chaffee, for instance, was formerly a freelance illustrator and graphic novelist before picking up a tattoo gun. In fact, the Purple Panther’s strong commitment to the fine arts is so deep that it can be seen on its walls—the shop doubles as an art gallery.
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