Q & A with Jeffree Star

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?

I was at the perfect age of 17 and I got my “CUNT” on both ankles, it had been my nick name for a few years and I felt it was fitting for my first one.. my family wasn’t too thrilled at first but now I have my great grandma saying the “C” word at Thanksgiving.

Your debut album “Beauty Killer” will hit stores on Sept.22nd, how would you describe it to us?

Close your eyes and picture how it felt to have your hymen broken and the feeling the next day when the guy never called you back. That’s how it feels to listen to my album for the first time. It’s refreshing and more fun then a Chuck E. Cheese bitch fight between parents. I’m not Mastodon but if you wanna escape reality for 50 minutes because you can’t afford meth anymore, then you might like “Beauty Killer”

What made you decide to go from makeup to music?

Realizing that I should be center stage and not behind camera lenses was my first inkling. I got tired of making everyone else look good when my alien looking face was already Photoshop ready. Singing was never my life goal when I was little but after I played my first show and felt that adrenaline rush, I couldn’t stop. What inspired you to write the song “Louis Vuitton Body Bag”?

I had never touched on the subject of “love” before writing this record. It never appealed to me because blowing bros was hotter then heartfelt memories. This song is my version of a love song. I was tired of hearing all that fake Kelly Clarkson bullshit so I invited my close friend Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) to sing back what I’ve always wanted a guy to say to me while he’s killing me.

There are rumors saying you’re in talk with E! for a reality TV show… Can you tell us more about that?

No network has been decided yet but I’m working on a reality show for the 2nd time now. First try, I backed out! Shocking right? All the people who think I’m a fame sucking whore are probably rolling their eyes at me right now. Reality check, I wasn’t interested in being America’s next hooker like Tila Tequila. I don’t wanna be remembered for making out with ugly people that a casting director found on Craigslist. I have a tiny bit more self respect then that. We’ll see what happens and if everyone can agree on my vision.

How did you and Kat Von D. become best friends?

Death and glamour brought us together, what else right? 3 years ago I wanted to get this portrait tattoo of JonBenet Ramsey. I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and tragedy and JonBenet is the perfect example. I had seen Kat’s work on a hot guy I was hanging out with and said “umm, I need that person to do mine” so I emailed her and she loved the idea! After the first tattoo, we hit it off because we’re both fierce girls! She’s probably one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and living in LA, it’s hard to come by so I’m grateful for our friendship. What’s playing in your iPod these days?

The new Cobra Starship album has been playing lately, when those drunk straight guys are over at my place trying to touch my ass.. and I’m a huge hip hop lover so Lil Kim & Trina are always on repeat. Oh, and I couldn’t forget Miley Cyrus… her songs make me moist.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

The Spice Girls.
Could you survive a week without access to the Internet?

Actually, on Warped Tour this past summer, I didnt really go on for 2 weeks! it was surprisingly refreshing to not hear about any drama or gossip. I might try it again.. kidding.

How long does it take you to put on make-up in the morning?

I don’t wake up til 2PM so when I get around to putting on more makeup then the country of South America owns, its about 35 minutes. I’ve been doing it for so long its like clock work. No one’s ever really done my makeup, I don’t trust anyone enough.

Who are your favorite Tattoo artists right now?

Besides Kat Von D, I’m obsessed with Nikko Hurtado! He’s done 3 portraits on me and they’re breathtaking! He’s one oft the nicest tattooers I’ve ever met and people should take note because he owns!

Do you intend to get additional “beauty queens” to your tattoo collection?

I think I have them all! If I’m missing one, please tell me so I can make an appointment! Haha.
What was the best part about your trip to Europe 5 months ago?

My bus driver chocked slammed my assistant against the bus outside and tried strangling him at 2AM because he made loud noise. Oh, and I had a threesome with a couple who needed some advice on how to make the banana split.

What is the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Gotten MY face tattooed on them!! I think 10 different people now have my pictures tattooed on their bodies and it feels so unreal to see it in person. I almost cried when this girl showed me at one of my shows. Honestly, past all the hair and makeup, my fans are what keep me going through all the drama so I couldn’t be more thankful that someone would give me that honor.

Do you already have ideas for your next tattoo?

Yes! It’s time that I got Britney Spears dead, with a skull for a mouth. I’m gonna get it on my foot so when I kick people’s faces in with my Gucci pumps, Britney will be there in spirit.

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