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Inked Magazine: The new single “Celebration” is a really upbeat, chill party song for you. Is there more of that on Jesus Piece?

Game: Nope. Celebration is the last track on the album. Its sorta like after I get my point across and everybody understands my concept for the album. And we’re just celebrating a lot of classic records, so that’s why Celebration is so upbeat. It fits within the concept and sort of puts a night cap on the album.

Inked: Is the boy in the “Celebration” video your son?

Game: Yeah that was my oldest son.

Inked: How is filming with him?

Game: We’ve been doing videos since the beginning – he was in “Hate It or Love It” and “Pot of Gold”. He’s a cool guy and I’m really a big fan of him and his energy and I love him to death, so I try to incorporate him in the cooler videos.

Inked: What’s the story behind the name Jesus Piece?

Game: Pretty much just anything under God is a piece of Jesus. We all come from one place in the beginning, so that’s what the album’s about. It’s just about how no one’s more Catholic than anybody else, no one’s more Christian or Baptist or whatever. Your religion is just your religion. There’s one God that we all believe in – he’s got a few different names, but there’s one God. So, at the end of the day, we shouldn’t judge one another – we should just live. And for me for, every day for the last two years, I’ve been trying to find a balance between my religion, my music, my life, my family, and the streets without losing myself like too many of them. So that’s basically what the album is about – how I’m trying to better myself as a person.

Inked: The last time we spoke to you, you had 49 tattoos. How many do you have now?

Game: I think I’m right at about 53 or 54. Kat Von D just did a picture of all three of my kids on my leg. I don’t really plan on what I’m going to do next. I just take it from one day to another.

Inked: How did you become friends with Kat Von D?

Game: She did a tattoo on my for my LAX album and we just stayed cool and close, you know, keeping in contact now and again. When I want something new I just call Kat and she’ll get it done. She’s a lady and she’s dope and she’s beautiful, so who wouldn’t want to get tattooed by somebody that great? She’s done four of mine so far.

Inked: You’ve filled your right arm with portraits of deceased rappers like Eazy-E, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, and Jam Master Jay. Is that still your tribute arm? Have you added any new ones?

Game: Yeah. And it will always be that way. No new ones yet but I’m sure I will.

Inked: You got your first tattoo in 8th grade, and I love what your Grandmother said about tattoos – how your skin is just a costume you borrow from God while your on earth and you’ll just give yours back with a little scribbling on it. Will you take the same approach if your kids want to start getting inked up early?

Game: My kids aren’t getting tattoos until they’re adults who are old enough to make their own decisions. And that won’t be until they’re 18-years-old. After that, they can get whatever they want to get. But I’m going to supervise their decisions as long as I’m a parent.

Inked: You said you got your infamous G-Unot tattoo based on how you were feeling one day. Do you regret the tattoo?

Game: No. I don’t regret anything from my whole entire life.

Inked: Is there any place you would never tattoo?

Game: Ummm, yeah, my balls. You walked yourself into that one.

Inked: So you have a new reality show on VH1 and you’re engaged. This will shed light on the “domestic side” of the Game. Are you cool with that?

Game: When you think about my career, I’ve always showed you my kids, you’ve always known that they had a mother, and you never see me on the red carpet or in the media with any other woman, so it’s not really new. Now you just get to see it in motion on TV. That’s why I think it won’t affect what I’m doing at all, because I’m not pretending to be something I’m not. I’m keeping true to myself. Everybody’s always known I’m a family man. My kids have been on album covers. I’ve always incorporated them into everything I did, so it’s not a surprise. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

Inked: You’ve rapped about the show “Basketball Wives” before – do you watch reality TV? “T.I. and Tiny”? “Ice loves Coco”?

Game: Yeah, I like reality TV. It’s pretty cool. I watch “Basketball Wives”. I like the one – I forget what it’s called – where they’re opening sheds – oh, Storage Wars! I also watch “T.I. and Tiny”. They’re friends of mine, and it’s cool to see them on TV with their family.

Inked: Thank you for your time, Game.

Game: Thank you so much. You have a wonderful Wednesday night. There’s a lot of love in the air and hopefully you have a good week.

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