Roll Forever

Antwuan Dixon wears Krew shorts and Adidas shoes.

Jamie Thomas wears Fallen pants and shoes.

James Brockman wears Zero shirt and shoes and Ambiguous jeans.

Brian “Slash” Hansen wears his own T-shirt, Altamont pants, and Brigada sunglasses.

Daewon Song wears Matrix shirt and pants and DVS shoes.

Erik Ellington wears Shake Junt T-shirt, Krew pants, and his own shoes.

Don “The Nudge” Nguyen wears Comune shirt and pants.

Brayden Szafranski wears Comune shirt and pants.

Richie Belton wears Bummer High Skateboards T-shirt, Krew pants, and Brigada sunglasses.

Lizard King wears a Deathwish T-shirt, Krew shorts, and Supra shoes.

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