There are some horrible things about Russia (see: human rights violations, the Crimean crisis, its treatment of Pussy Riot, hotel rooms at the Sochi Olympics), but that doesn’t mean Russians are evil. Take, for instance, Sasha Larina, who flew from Moscow to New York City in order to grace our pages wearing great ink from her home country.



Sasha has nine tattoos, including a sleeve depicting a forested landscape with butterflies and lily flowers. “I love tattoo artwork,” she says. “I got all of mine by Russian tattoo masters. My sleeve was created by Alik Kasiyanov, who is known as Astrarium.”


Sasha is more than just great tattoos and gorgeous eyes; she’s also a photographer. “I actually prefer to be on the other side of the lens,” she says. She shoots mostly Russian actors and models, some nude. “I feel it through the lens—I am inspired by human beauty,” she says. “Anyone who looks at my work will first be struck with the sexuality of women.”



She says her artistic process is intuitive and she doesn’t have a dream photo shoot in mind, but she hopes someday to be photographed by Terry Richardson, the guy who helped American Apparel’s look.


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