Seventh Son Tattoo

Seventh Son
1017 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

Established: 2006
Artists: Erik Rieth, Jason Kundell, Luke Stewart, Orley Locquio, Joey Armstrong, and George Campise.
Seventh Son might be the best amalgamation of all San Francisco’s tattoo scene has to offer. Co-owned by Jason Kundell (former coowner of Artwork Rebels), Erik Rieth (formerly of Everlasting Tattoo), and Luke Stewart (who was a regular guest artist at Artwork Rebel), the studio may be on the new side, but its artists have certainly been around long enough to garner respect. It shows in their clientele. “We cater more to the serious collector who wants bigger, custom pieces,” says Rieth. Translation? The accumulative hours spent working on a piece means the artists at Seventh Son often end up developing personal relationships with their clients. “For us, clients aren’t just customers,” says Rieth. “Since we see the same person several times, we end up becoming friends. Half the time we all end up hanging out.”
Eat: Brainwash Café, 1122 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA, 415-255- 4866; Grab your dirty laundry and head to this funky Laundromat/bar/café/live-music venue. With inexpensive, tasty food like vegetarian Cobb salad and a wide array of sandwiches, this is the perfect place to pop in for a bite and maybe a little multi-tasking.

Drink: The Chieftain, 198 Fifth St., San Francisco, CA, 415-615-0916; You are sure to have yourself a good “craic” at this traditional Irish pub, which was also the recent recipient of the Guinness Perfect Pint award.

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