Sex Lives of Inked People: Hunter Moore


If you didn’t see when it was up, it was a user-generated website where people would post content like groupies’ reviews of musicians that they fucked or nude pics in revenge of someone who wronged them. It started when my friends wanted to see pictures of a girl I had sex with who fucked me over, but iChat was down so I posted them on this small site I owned [isanyoneup. com]. Then after being shared and linked to, it got hella big and other people started uploading.

It became a collection of humor, dick pictures, trolling, and hot naked chicks. Most of the media is too old to understand how the internet works and they vilified me. In a shitty way, was a public service—for those who were slighted, I gave an outlet. Calling a guy out for having a small dick or a girl for having pepperoni nipples is better than slashing someone’s tire or other extremes the jilted take. While it’s not the traditional route, I stick up for free speech and against regulating the internet.

The media said I purveyed child porn, which is incorrect and sick. Some users tried to post underage pics, but I turned them over to the FBI. I’ve probably put more pedophiles in jail than Chris Hansen. Now I’m working on launching, which will give users more control, and it’s going to be more gangster than the old site. It’s going to mix social media with tits and penises—which I hate, but they bring traffic—on a whole new level.

Without tattoos there never would have been It was completely for scene kids. I got my first piece at Forever Tattoo in Sacramento and haven’t needed to go anywhere else since. My first, at 18, was on my chest so that my parents couldn’t see it. Funny, now I put my dick in girls’ asses on Instagram. I went to get my latest tattoo with my dad when I closed down;

I got hated in French tattooed on my hand.

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