Sex Lives of Inked People: Nick Hawk


After four years in the Air Force I became a stripper to pay the bills, finish up college, and start my own company. Then an escort or gigolo was something that definitely sounded interesting. I really see myself helping and making people happy, and it’s a great feeling. Bookings were minimal in the beginning but definitely gave me some good experience in preparation for my Showtime TV show, Gigolos.

Tattoos were something that I always wanted. I had many ideas, but I thought it was best to not have them, as I was seeking a profession in acting. But when I signed on to the show, I hit the tattoo shop once a week. My main tattoo, located on a large percentage of my body, including my left shoulder, left arm, chest, back, midsection, and penis—yes, on my penis—is a SYMBIOTE. It’s an alien creature from comic books that attaches to you. The creature doesn’t always have the best intentions; it brings out your dark side and makes you not care as much. It’s a metaphor for the life that I have chosen.

I’m definitely more selective with clientele now than when I first started. I’ll meet with anyone, but I typically only see clients who I have a connection with. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a bunch of wonderful people, see a lot of wonderful places, and do a lot off unstuff. I love what I do,but I put a lot of time, effort, and focus into it, so I can only see so many clients. Not to mention working on my acting career, music, sex and relationship advice website,, and sex toy and novelty line. My signature product is a dildo that was cast from my own penis. It’s pretty dope.

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