Sex Lives of Inked People: Travis Hatfield


Dating on TV is an unreal experience. The cameras didn’t matter after a while. I was just myself, totally forgot they were there to film. I can honestly say I was the realest on the show, faults and all. I can say in all honesty that I was looking for love on the show.

I came to Love Games believing it was definitely possible to find love on TV. But after living in the moment and thinking I had made a connection with Camilla and then being eliminated … I still believe it is possible, but I think it has to be the right show. In the end Camilla was the one who eliminated me. I was confused at the moment. Now I understand she was playing the game. I am not ashamed because I showed that I was not playing anyone. Winning was not as important as finding love, but it was humiliating to see all that they said about me during their behind-the-scenes interviews. But they made themselves look fake and trashy.

Bad girls dig guys with tattoos. Girls like guys who are edgy and are rock stars. My favorite tattoo has to be an eagle on my chest; to me it represents freedom and flying into the gates of heaven. My next piece is going across my back. On one side I want a beach, meaning life is a beach, it’s relaxing. On the other side I want a war, meaning the other option is life as a war. With life, as in love, there is no in-between.

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