The Sexiest Tattooed Cam Girls

From left, Calvin Klein bra and Affinitas Intimates underwear; Calvin Klein bra and underwear; Affinitas Intimates bra and underwear; Fleur of England bra and underwear; Verameat ring.


The girls-on-film business has come a long way, quickly. Think back to the ’80s and ’90s, when the hottest thing on television was scrambled cable porn. Then came home internet; after your dial-up buffered for six minutes, you could ogle a racy photo. When high-speed connections arrived, anyone with a router could see highly produced, perfect bodies copulating in pristine settings with just one click. It was enticing, but there was something terribly inauthentic—and it wasn’t just the silicone.

Enter the webcam. The thinking is that as soon as a new type of technology appears, the first thing people will do is find a way to have sex with it. As texting swiftly begat sexting, webcams turned into vehicles for peep shows 2.0. Webcam shows are the most intimate form of sexuality on the net; viewers aren’t watching a girl gyrate on a soundstage; they’re seeing her in her happy place—a place that includes her band posters, her Hello Kitty comforter, and her very own wardrobe. There is no guy holding a boom microphone and no one sitting off-screen barking orders. If you log on, you are the director; and if you’re nice, you can ask the girl to act out your fantasy.

Webcams can also be better for those on the business end of the camera: “Camming allows you a lot of freedoms, like making your own schedule, being able to work in the comfort of your home, and having full control of who you communicate with,” says cam girl xoEve.

Fellow internet star Kaylee Danger agrees. “I like webcamming because I can build a relationship with my fans all over the world from the privacy of their own homes.”

“I was a dancer but grew tired of the club environment. I needed something to do to save up to start earning my masters, so I Googled camming,” Emma Ink says. “It felt so natural. I have never hesitated or felt strange while broadcasting.”

Webcamming has also given stodgy, buttoned-up folks a chance—while playing fly on the wall—to appreciate body art. xoEve says most of her onlookers are not tattooed. “A lot of people tell me they never liked tattoos before they saw me,” she says.

Emma Ink uses her tattoos as her calling card. “I love when I have a clean-cut businessman type that doesn’t have any tattoos confessing to me that I’m the sexiest woman alive.”

Kaylee, however, doesn’t see her fans, so she had to ask whether or not they had ink. “I thought there were a few … so I started asking them, and more than I thought do have tattoos!”

But just because these women share a similar look and, possibly, some of the same fans, that doesn’t mean they’re competitive. “My coworkers are sexy, amazing, like-minded girls,” Emma says. Let’s meet the click clique.



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Accolade: Nominated for Xbiz’s 2012 Web Babe of the Year

Turn-ons: Confidence, humor, and good cooks

Her process: Every time I log in I set a dollar goal I would like to make, but as long as I have fun I’m happy. I usually have a really awesome group of people that hang out with me while I cam. It’s a lot more than just selling sex through a webcam; I have to enjoy it also.

Her craziest request: Oh wow—many requests I get are insane. The strangest to me are the guys that like you to abuse them and treat them like crap while they give you all of their money.

What fans think of her ink: Most of the time people love it. I get asked dozens of times a day about them. I occasionally get the “Ew, tattoos are trashy” or “You look like Kat Von D.” Those people get the banhammer.


Emma Ink

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The Emma experience: I’ve always been sexually open and comfortable with my body. I sign on when I’m bored, when I’m upset and feel that I have no one else to talk to, or when I’m feeling frisky.

Why she likes her job: It allows me to use my real personality. I’m not acting, I don’t have to fake anything, and I don’t have someone telling me what to do. Many of my friends and customers don’t ever pay me to take my clothes off; they like my personality, my advice, and my friendship.

Her craziest request: I had a guy ask me to dump a full jar of mayo all over my head and rub it into my hair and onto my body. I’m vegan, so unfortunately I couldn’t oblige.

What fans think of her ink: People constantly call my Raichu tattoo Pikachu. Full-on arguments have broken out in my chat rooms between Pokémon nerds about how it’s totally not Pikachu. Sometimes I have to regulate.

How camming differs from other adult entertainment: There is no cookie-cutter appearance we have to meet. I may be a little biased, but I think tattooed girls are sexier than those without ink. We’re so diverse. That said, all women in porn are awesome. It’s not easy to be sexually liberated in America.



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Favorite piece: My current favorite is my newest tattoo that I just got on my upper left arm; it is a semi-traditional Native American girl done by Adam Barton.

When she’s not camming: I often watch other girls on cam and find that the mellow, down-to-earth girls are the most alluring.

How camming differs from other adult entertainment: The experience is whatever I want. It’s all my creativity and imagination and playing off my viewers’ reactions and basically directing the whole thing in real time.

Her craziest request: Well, the most recent outlandish request was that I put my legs behind my head for the length of a private show—it was about 10 minutes or so. I’m pretty flexible, but that was a little much!


Kaylee Danger

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Turn-on: Guys with a fetish!

What fans think of her ink: I get lots of love! Some are curious and want me to show them every single one.

The Kaylee experience: I’m just trying to have lots of fun. To keep my viewer interested I’ll play games, and that leads to me naked and in a private show, where the end result is up to them.

Most notable tattoo: For some reason my armpit shark tattoo became popular on the internet, to the point where the picture was on The Ellen Degeneres Show and Adult Swim’s The Regular Show, which did a funny spoof on it. Fans will recognize my tattoo and tell me stories about where they saw it. It’s all over Google when you search shark tattoos.

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