Siri Garber

Siri Garber, founder of Platform Public Relations in Los Angeles, has a groovy voice—a raspy, powerful one that probably makes some of her male clients think about pleasure, rather than business, when she picks up the phone. But this celebrity publicist’s throaty purr isn’t a result of barking orders. “I think some of us [in the public relations industry] are seen as pushy, bitchy bulldogs, that’s not me. I don’t believe in raising voices or screaming,” says Garber. Her approach for dealing with stars? “I don’t overstep my boundaries, but I’m there if they need me, like when someone starts asking inappropriate questions.”
Even when faced with an ugly, public disaster she maintains a level head. “I was Paris Hilton’s publicist when the sex tape scandal broke,” she says. “Even though it was hell for me, I kept my cool and called her mother to break the news.” Garber’s current client roster isn’t quite as scandalous—Cole Hauser, Taryn Manning, and Lacy Chabert, to name a few—but she works just as hard for them. “I get in early to make my New York calls. Then it’s off to a photo shoot or junket. From there I’ll head to an event at night and get home around 2 a.m.”

Her long days dealing with producers, pushy journalists, and needy clients understandably require a sense of fearlessness; but Garber admits she does have at least one fear—needles. Still, that hasn’t stopped her from getting five tattoos. Her first was on her ankle. “It’s a protection fairy that shields me from harm,” says Garber. Then there’s the heart with tiger stripes through the center. Located on the back of her right shoulder, it was meant to keep her heart from getting broken. “I just got married in October,” she says, proving the tat did its job. She also has a red star on her left shoulder with the word courage written in kanji. “That one got me through a rough time when I thought I wanted to get out of the business,” says Garber. Her fourth tattoo is an S-shaped dragon with a star on each side symbolizing courage and power—a common thread to all of her ink.
But her favorite is the “pegicorn.” Reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite’s “liger,” this creature is a combo of her two favorite mythical figures, a Pegasus and a unicorn. “I like the fantasy world, and I used to have recurring dreams when I was little that a Pegasus would fly into my room and take me away.” Is it any wonder she wound up in entertainment? In the future she plans to get a tattoo in memory of her cousin who passed away in April 2007. “She wanted to get a sacred heart tattoo before she died, so I’m getting it for her,” says Garber.

And her plans for the future don’t stop there. Early next year she enters the world of production with a movie called 10,000 Doors. “It’s a cool homage to ’80s horror movies,” says Garber. And the girl who gets paid to party is also hoping to open a clothing boutique by 2009. Something tells us both projects will be successes, and well-publicized ones at that.

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