Sketchbook: Jessica Mascitti

East Side Ink
97 Avenue B
New York City

Graceland Brooklyn
677 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY

Jessica Mascitti didn’t pick art; art picked her. “It wasn’t a choice,” she says. “I can’t do anything else.” About three years ago she did her first tattoo on her mentor, the incomparable Patrick Conlon. “He let me tattoo a skull puking filigree on one of the few available spots left on his body,” Mascitti says. “I was nervous, and he was incredibly patient.” Since then she has been tattooing alongside him at East Side Ink and Graceland Brooklyn. Her specialty is dark yet delicate designs, with a sweet spot for B&B: birds and bones. Naturally, when deciding her most permanent piece—what she would sketch for her gravestone—Mascitti opts for the Triforce from Zelda, which nestles on the design of a winged beast on the Skyward Sword.

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