Sketchbook: Matt Ahn

Invisible NYC, 148 Orchard St., New York, NY, 10002,

Matt Ahn embraces the universal nature of art. “My art is a reflection of all the styles I study and am influenced by, translated in my own way,” he says. “All art is connected somehow.” Although Ahn finds himself drawn to Asian art, he believes in a well-rounded approach. “It’s important to study a little of every style even if you have a focus on one, because they’re all related.” And when Ahn eventually bites the dust, he wants to become it. He says if he had to choose a design for his tombstone, it would involve a large dragon with something to represent family and a good life. Like his tattoos, he’d consider how the detail would stand the test of time. “In the end, tattoos age with us and that’s part of their charm,” he says.

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