Sophie C’est la Vie

8 of Swords Tattoo, 115 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY,

Sophie C’est la Vie has created a sweet life for herself as a tattooer and a stylist. “When I’m working as a stylist, my job is to create a visual image that expresses a certain emotion,” she says. “It’s very similar with my tattooing, where my job is to visually express what the client is thinking through a tattoo. … To me, fashion and tattoos are monikers of self-expression. I feel that, as artists, our goal is to create beautiful work; [there’s] not necessarily a distinction between the medium, field, style.” And when C’est la Vie’s era comes to an end she thinks it would be fitting to rest in an urn lasered with a feather. “That’s how life is in my eyes,” she says. “We’re all floating around in the winds of life, so let’s take advantage of the places and experiences we land on.”

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