Sourpuss Clothing: Q & A

Designer and owner of Sourpuss Clothing, Deidre, chats with Inked Magazine about the brand, the brains behind the brand and the ink that inspires her creative juices on a daily basis.

Inked: Tell us a little about the brand, how you got started and how you chose your name.

Sourpuss: We have our hands in a couple different things. First and foremost Sourpuss is a brand, we design clothing, accessories and housewares. Most of our customers have strong punk rock roots but also love pinups, tattoos, vintage, monsters and random oddities. We strive to design products that are different and fill the void in the subculture retail world. Which brings us to the other end of our business- retail. 12 years ago I had a back injury that prevented me from going back to my job. To fill my time while I figured out what else to do-I had made a heat transfer onesie as a baby shower gift. At the time there were very few crafty people on the internet and you would never dream of getting a girls cut graphic tee. We started making heat transfer onesies and girls tees to sell on Ebay. It was something different and as we progressed the quality definitely improved. We decided to open up a retail store called Argy Bargy. Retail in the front and we screenprinted in the back. It was a small shop selling the same brands that we currently sell through Sourpuss. After a few location and business direction changes we are now a group of 15 and a team of freelancers, that run our brand and retail website.

Inked: The clothing/accessories/jewelry we feature on the website seems to be based on very old-school/classic tattoos, how did you choose the designs?

Sourpuss: The group of us that work on designs and artwork like to bounce ideas off of each other and most of the ideas evolve. It usually happens by me having a brain storm and our in house designers building on it and taking it to the next level. We all have a strong appreciation of traditional tattoo work. I know that’s the kind of tattooing that I prefer over all.

Inked: Are there any tattoo artists that you borrowed inspiration from?

Sourpuss: The artwork that we use is from tattooers that we work with on a regular basis. We generally ask them to keep designs traditional and the style that they paint is their own style that I’m sure has just evolved throughout the years.

Inked: You feature everything from tattoo-designed baby onesies to aprons to bags and belts, what inspired your product choice?

Sourpuss: The majority of product ideas come from the fact that they are not readily available. Nowadays you can buy a t-shirt anywhere. But an apron with a cool print is something different and more importantly something I wanted myself and I couldn’t find. Ha!

Inked: Are you the artist behind the line? If so tell us a little about yourself, your own ink… is it similar to the designs on your line? If your not the artist or there are other artists behind the line, tell us a little about them.

Sourpuss: I am not the artist behind the line. I’m the person who’s brain never shuts down-the coordinator of it all, ideas are always cranking out. We have in house graphics artists and a handful of freelance tattooers and graphic artists that work with us. Depending on the project-I’ll send it to the person who’s style best suits my ideas.

As far as my own tattoos? Hmm- well my favorite tattoos are my hands- They were done by Jaksyn at Kreepy Tiki tattoo in Ft. Lauderdale. There is an Anchor that says Sink and and on the other hand Swim, with a life preserver. I’ve been getting tattooed since I was was 13- (not that I’m encouraging that) But it’s been a long time and there are some questionable choices, but I like them all.

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