Stefani Chapman


Stefani Chapman

The girl you see before you is the amazing Stefani Chapman, the ultimate multitasker: She’s a makeup artist (for the past nine years), clothing designer (MSTKN), reality star (the first heavily tattooed woman on MTV2’s Wild ’N Out), Instagram star (@Stef_lova1), and model. That last job started out as more of a hobby, but after finding success, she’s been taking it more seriously. “Modeling has allowed me to do things I used to only dream about doing,” she says. “Now whenever I do a shoot, I motivate myself by thinking, Work it like this is going to be your last photo shoot!”

That means she’s often showing off her tattoos for the camera—although she prefers not to be called a “tattoo model.” “It’s hard for some people to look past my body art, so I have made it a point in my life to show women that, yes, you can be extremely feminine, classy, elegant, and edgy all while being heavily tattooed,” she says. “I never let my body art get in the way of anything I want to do or wear—it’s actually my best accessory. I can’t wait to get more!”

Most of Chapman’s tattoos were done by artists who work or have worked at Ink Slingers in Alhambra, CA. Both of her hands, her neck, and the portrait of her dog Popeye were done by artist Fernie Andrade; the realistic black-and-gray work on her right arm is a collaboration, featuring work from Andrade, Brian Gonzales, Bobby Serna, and Tommy Montoya; and the Marilyn Monroe portrait and roses on her thigh are from her boyfriend, Hi-Tone Valenz. “That piece is actually a very well-known image done by the amazing Steve Soto,” she says. “I have always admired his work and thought that the women he drew were so glamorous. I was always so drawn to the Marilyn Monroe portrait, so my boyfriend tattooed it on me.”

Chapman gets her own artistic fix working for MSTKN (Mistaken Society). “The fact that tattoos have become much more accepted and appreciated works to our advantage, but we try to make designs and clothes for everyone to wear, not just people with tattoos,” she says. “A girl who wears MSTKN doesn’t care what other people think of her. Being mistaken for something you are not, especially something negative, sucks big-time. That is what gave us the idea for our name. We know what it is like firsthand to be mistaken for something we’re not, just because of the way we choose to look.”

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