T.Mills: Q & A

Inked: How did your shows go at Warped Tour? What was your favorite thing you saw there?

T. Mills: This summer was amazing. i didnt go into it expecting anything, i kept an open mind. everyday i was reminded how amazing my fans are and what an impact my music is making. My favorite thing to see this summer was Miley Cyrus drunk in a new york club. i pulled the tour bus up haha.

Inked: Ha, Must have been some sight! So, you’re known as a hybrid artist for your pop-rap sound. Songs like “She Got A” sound drastically different from songs like “Vans On” and the Thrillionaire Mixtape. What influenced that mix in your music?

T. Mills: I have always listened to SO MUCH different music. From Elvis to Queen to Wu Tang to Kanye to Marvin Gaye. My least favorite question in the entire world is “what kind of music do you make” because im not genre specific. I feel like every time I step into the studio I want to outdo myself and try new things. It’s a fine line or balance rather, between throwing a bunch of shit together or doing something cool and new. I love melodies and drums. Catchy hooks are my thing. The music can change but style remains the same.

Inked: Who are you listening to right now?

T. Mills: Dom Kennedy – The Yellow Album.

Inked: You started off as essentially a self-made artist making bedroom tracks, right? Do you still have that amount of control in writing and producing your tracks?

T. Mills: Yes, i used to sit in my bedroom and record to instrumentals haha. Control? yes & no. I’ve been grateful to work with some of my favorite producers in the world, and when you enter into a relationship with someone you not only respect and admire, but who has done what you’re trying to do 50 times, you listen to their suggestions and advice. It’s more of a collaboration. I still make songs by myself but when I work with someone I have very strong opinions but know how to see shit from their point of view. I’m always up to trying something new if it benefits the song.

Inked: What projects are you working on now?

T. Mills: I just dropped Thrillionaire which is available on my website and im currently in the studio working on my full length album with Columbia Records scheduled to be out the beginning of next year. I am super excited for this one!

Inked: You’ve mentioned tattoos in your music, but do you have any music-related ink?

T. Mills: My chest says “Only Time Will Tell”, those are lyrics from a Bone Thugz N Harmony song. I also have “changes” on my thumb. It’s my favorite 2pac song. Ever.

Inked: Do you have any go-to tattoo shops/artists?

T. Mills: Jacob Doney at Paragon Tattoo in Grand Terrace, CA – he inked my sleeve, hand, knuckles, & chest. John Montgomery inked my neck. Jared Wright inked my leg.

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