Too Fast Brand: Q & A

Part Owner and designer of Too Fast Brand Maureen Keogh sits with Inked Magazine and chats about the evolution of the brand, the people and inspirations behind the brand and a little about her own self-branding in the form of ink. Although the name might make you think otherwise, nothing is ever Too Fast for Keogh and her crew.

Inked: Tell us a little about the brand, how you got started, how you chose your name, etc.

Maureen: Everything in my life starts and ends with music. At the time we started Too Fast, my favorite album was “Too Fast for Love” by Motley Crue. I don’t think I’d call that my favorite anymore, but back then, that song and the iconic Vivienne Westwood quote “Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die” seemed to sum up my entire life; the word too seemed to come before everything I did. I was always going a little too fast or being too reckless—always taking too much, too soon, too little, too late, etc. So when we were starting the company, the name Too Fast just seemed to fit.
Nowadays, Too Fast is owned by my brother Jim and myself. He does the tech stuff and handles the business end of things and I am the dysfunctional creative director; it’s a good dynamic. We’ve grown the business from its humble beginnings in my dining room and garage to a large warehouse/office right outside of Philadelphia. We’re lucky to have a staff full of really awesome people that make shit happen every day. It’s definitely like a big extended family here, and that makes me excited to come to work. It’s a dream come true, as nerdy as that sounds.

Inked: The clothing/accessories/shoes we feature on the website are modern, chic and, quite frankly, badass… how did you come up with the design concept?

Maureen: I’m obsessed! In fact I think there’s something wrong with me! As Johnny Thunders said, “I got a one track mind.” I think about clothing all day long. My main inspiration comes from watching everything on the runways and on the street; I try to look to the high-end designers while continuing to keep my eye on the alt chicks cruising around town. Aside from that, I’m inspired by music, tattoos, and my youth. I’ve always been interested in the scene, going to shows and DIY-ing my own clothes. Now I just do it with the company I run.

Inked: Are there any tattoo artists or artists in general that you borrow inspiration from?

Maureen: Oh yeah, of course, there’s so many great tattoo artists out there!! In fact we had an awesome local tattoo artist, Dave Steele working here for a while, just doing art in house for us. We also work with lots of tattoo artists for our line…It’s all intertwined!

Inked: You feature everything from belt buckles to heels what are you best sellers?

Maureen: Shoes! Seriously, that is all any girl wants! And if you wear Too Fast shoes, you need not wear or want anything else. The shoes make the outfit, in fact they are the outfit.

Inked: Are you the artist behind the line? If so tell me a little about yourself, your own ink – is it similar to the designs on your line? If you’re not the artist or there are other artists behind the line, tell me a little about them.

Maureen: I am not the artist, I’m just more of the idea person behind the line. I give the artist words, ideas or directions to go in and then they take it from there. I work with a lot of AMAZING and super cool artists. Check out our artist’s page here:

We work alot with Paulo Rocker my crazy Brazilian punk rock friend. He has come up with some of our best selling designs such as Eternally Yours but he is mostly famous for his zombies. They are pretty intense!

Another artist I work closely with is Marcus Jones aka Screaming Demons. This guy does insanely detailed eerie and evil pin ups. His art almost looks photographic and he is no doubt one of our most popular and best selling artists, and just a super cool guy.

Inked: And what about your own Ink? Any stories there?

Maureen: My own ink? Ugh, yeah, some of it’s really, really old. I started getting tattooed when I was young… like 16. So needless to say I hate some of it. I have some music tattoos, “The Rolling Stones” tongue, a “Nashville Pussy” bobcat, and a “GG Allin” tombstone that says “Live fast die”. I’m all over the place. I also have some traditional tattoos, like a big eagle across my back. I have my kids names and art of theirs that I chose to represent on me. But probably my favorite tattoo is my newest one, which has the Too Fast logo on it with a vintage-looking circus tattooed lady, but I’m sure I’ll get sick of it over time, haha. Anyway, I already have plans for my next tattoo, it’s going to be an old time banjo because that is my newest obsession…

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