Video Vixens

American Apparel shorts; model’s own tank top; Inked Shop bracelet; Aldo necklace; stylist’s own ring; iHome boombox; Sol Republic headphones.


“Bad Newz” by J-Mello

“I was shopping at Marshall’s and an employee recognized me from the music video. It was unexpected but very flattering.”

“A lot of hip-hop artists are now interested in ‘edgier’ women to play the leads in music videos. I think it’s great that inked women are becoming more and more of an example of what is considered beautiful and sexy.”

Glamour Kills top; American Apparel pants; Uranium body chain; Inked Shop bracelet; Forever 21 ring; model’s own silver ring, Sol Republic headphones.

Alicia Galehdari

“Welcome to the Eastside” by Lordz of brookLyn featuring DMC

“I basically had to play the role of shop girl at Brooklyn Made Tattoo in Bay Ridge, NY. In real life that place is like my second home. I’ve had a lot of my tattoos done by Kaves, the singer of the Lordz of Brooklyn and owner of the shop.”

“My musical crush is Dave Grohl. My first tattoo was the Foo Fighters Tattoo. I also have the Transplants logo tattooed on my forearm.”

Photographer: Jenna Kraczek


“What Could Have Been Love” by Aerosmith

“Originally I wasn’t going to be featured until Steven Tyler decided he wanted to pull me into a scene with him and a couple of other girls. It was very tame, very G-rated, but I still think of it as my ‘lesbian moment’ music video role.”

“A couple of my tattoos were done by musicians. My hand tattoo was done by Connor Garritty from All Hail The Yeti, and my back piece is being done by Dan Smith, who sings in the Dear & Departed.”

Photographer: Jon Stars


“Oh Love” by Green Day

“I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to play roles where I can be myself. A lot of people actually put in research to find out who I was.”

“Back in the day I was obsessed with every Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera video. I knew all the dance moves! Right now my musical crush is Sky Ferreira.”

Photographer: Adina Doria


“Something About You” by Wisin y Yandel Featuring Chris Brown & T-Pain

“The video was about a huge house party, so I was in charge of casting hot tattooed girls for the scene with T-Pain. I was the girl in the middle of all of them with the blue hair.”

“Everyone misses when MTV played videos—they’re a lost art. The good ones transported you into another world visually and musically for a few minutes. Now MTV is just an empty void.”

Photographer: Victor Rodriguez


“Born Villain” by Marilyn Manson

“Most of my videos have left me bloody, with questionable puncture wounds.”

“Working with Manson and Shia Labeouf [who directed] was a total trip. We won two awards for that video, MTV’s Too Much Ass for TV and the Loudwire Music Award for WTF Moment of the Year. I think they seemed fitting.”

Photographer: Art T.


“Oh Love” by Green Day

“I’m sure I got hired for the Green Day video because of my tattoos. I’ve been recognized for the video online, but never in person.”

“My favorite bands and artists at the moment are Magnolia Electric Company, Spacemen 3, Neil Young, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.”

Photographer: Lorenzo Marr


“America” by Motionless in White

“When I was younger, I used to try and look like the girl who had the lead role in my Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ video. I was even told multiple times that I resembled her. I thought it was pretty cool!”

“You should buy music instead of pirating it so these bands that make awesome videos and music can afford to keep making them for you. If you can’t afford buying music, listen to the radio!”

Photographer: Eat the Cake NYC


“Love at First Sight” by Watercolor

“I play an evil girlfriend torturing the artist in this video. I always wanted to be a gangster in a hip-hop video. I think any kid who grew up with MTV while it was still playing music videos dreamed of being in one.”

“I Miss Headbangers Ball, and I miss Jesse Camp. I have ‘Hells Bells’ on my butt cheeks!”

American Apparel leggings; Glamour Kills top; stylist’s own ring; Forever 21 bracelet.


“America” by Motionless in White

“It was hot. Literally. We were filming in a tent in the middle of the day in full L.A. sun. And having to cling to Chris Motionless all afternoon was pretty hot too.”

“Ever since I saw Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s ‘Cryin’ I knew I wanted to grow up and be just like her. She’s such a badass in that video.”

American Apparel shorts; Glamour Kills tank top; Uranium body chain; model’s own ring; stylist’s own bracelet; iHome boombox.


“Finest Girl” by Chet Haze

“I’ve had fun in every video I’ve done so far—it always feels like I’m at a big party. Even though it’s work, it’s easy if you vibe well with the people around you.”

“Growing up, I definitely wanted to be in every Missy Elliott video. She’s so creative! All her animations always got me extremely excited.”

Photographer: Greg Manis


“All American Nightmare” by Hinder

“The video was a blast, but very exhausting. It was two days of shooting all day, and I had to have my tattoos airbrushed for the beginning of the video.”

“The lyrics for the song are great: ‘I’m red, white, and blue tattooed, and just don’t care.’”

Photographer: Olivia Bush


“Oh Love” by Green Day

“I was booked for the video solely on looks and my experience—Lord knows I can’t act!”

“I guess acting and doing music videos have something in common, but with acting you don’t usually sit around in almost no clothing all day. I’m comfortable with it—I actually run an online socks and underwear of the month subscription site for men and women called Underwear Society.”

Photographer: Peter Gonzales


“Two Hot Girls” by JettBlack

“I have ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ from the lyrics of Frou Frou’s ‘Let Go’ across my back. When I was 15 I loved the French film Love Me If You Dare and that was it’s trailer song.”

“It’s great to see what stories bands make with their music videos. When you are in a music video it is like being in another world. I love playing different roles and being out of control!”

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