White Heat



Tyra Banks called Jessica White the “model of her generation.” She’s graced the runways of Oscar de la Renta, campaigns for Maybelline, and Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issues, and is working on a documentary and memoir/self-help book. For her INKED photo shoot, Jessica said she didn’t want to wear high fashion—or even a bikini. “This will be the last time I pose nude before I move on to other projects in my life,” she says. “I think the INKED readers—those in the tattoo community—understand my message and I want to share the real me, bare, stripped down and tattooed.”

Jessica says she first started getting ink when she was in a bad place mentally. “I wanted to self-mutilate to feel alive again, but being a model I couldn’t become a cutter,” she says. Instead she tattooed her body in places that wouldn’t greatly hinder her ability to book work. Even when clients didn’t want a model with tattoos, they still wanted Jessica, so they worked around it. When she was turned down because of her ink, she was upset but never regretted being tattooed. “My tattoos are that important to me,” she says. As Jessica became more comfortable in her own skin, she continued to get tattoos but in an apprecitation for body art, expressing herself in a different way.

Poetry is another outlet, and she derives the same release when her pen hits the paper that she does when the tattoo needle hits her skin. The resulting work—including the pieces she shares with INKED on these pages—is powerful and beautiful, like Jessica herself.


StrongerBecause of you I’m stronger, when you counted me down and out, ran your mouth saying things you knew nothing about, it made me stronger

When you thought my career was done for, you’re saddened here today, because my success you can’t ignore

All the negativity I met with prosperity, all the pain all the rain and disdain I used to regain my fame, oh yes I’m stronger.

Your perverted lies could have kept me bound but bound no more, I’m free

Because of you I’m stronger, when all you saw was failure for my life the most high protected my back from your knife

When your eyes of judgment judged me, by what you see he had a plan for me, now all I see is me being free, yes it made me stronger

When you came in with the illusion of being a friend all the while running around committing the ultimate sin

Speaking words, sentences, and phrases of jealousy not realizing the true you I see

You, him, her, them, they wanted to keep me down. And all your hoping wishing and praying empowered me to stay around. Now flee from me you don’t exist to me

So now I stand here in all my splendor. Fine, sexy, beautiful, and successful. And all you wish you could be, I’m sorry that all you’re left with is the shadow of the old me and that you could never even be

Sadness is all I feel cause no matter how hard you tried my joy you couldn’t steal

I’m Stronger.


Rodrigo Otazu body jewelry


Dannijo bodysuitTwisted

I have been sick for far too long, thoughts racing in my head saying peace be gone. Please forgive me I won’t return again but don’t cry for me just. Let me bleed

Strong holds of darkness upon my mind, I can smell you in my head feel you in my womb raping me and screaming at me

Crying so deep within to trust myself again

Coming face to face with darkness, evil less mystifying, a heaviness of despair and loneliness tormented by my nightmares. I refuse to sleep now, I’m in the state of trances, harassed by seducing spirits of sexual thoughts

Hello I am your mind and I am Twisted

As I watch my mind fly over me, longing for the deep sleep dreaming of peace I consume myself with Valiums of blue I close my eyes and see self-mutilation

Open my eyes and see self-destruction. Drinking to death like a stillborn child

If I bleed then let me bleed, tired of being depressed and suppressed by my fears

Can you hear me? I am your mind drifting away and I’m not afraid

I am safe inside myself believing this perverted lie. I breathe in blood and cry out loud

Realizing that I am the sacrifice, trying to do good but evil is lurking behind

I taste of holy wind bitter and so sweet. I hear sweet lullabies of rampage, chaos and calamity ransacking my mind ripping through my pure thoughts as I’m left here with incomplete sentences unable to define how I’m really feeling

I’m abruptly awakened and I’ve just realized that I’m Twisted.


Noir Jewelry necklace Jupiterism = Love

And he came to me saying soar away with me, travel to a new galaxy and worship the god of the whimsical mind taking your place with the watchers of the skies.

I stood still in an all red dress and saw a glimpse of what life would be like. I agreed. Beginning the journey of conversion, remembering a past filled with pain and evil spirits that caressed my brain with torture, with small fragments of doubt I breathed in deep and screamed sweet lullabies of refuge out loud. Then rapture took hold.

Colorful layers of dense clouds hovered over me, satellites pulsating my heart.

Curtains of light shot through my brain, levitating from heavy winds of Europic glowing gas wrapped around every part of my being. The old me has passed away, now high energies of electrons race along my planet, he is heaven and I, earth.

Never to return again I open my eyes and look upon something so beautiful and holy. He wasn’t god, but his eyes filled with gloss. His bleeding heart in his left hand, with blood tattooed around his ring finger, horns of pain on his scalp adorned with a crown of 16 moons circling above his head and the voice of an angel as he spoke to me saying I am he the fifth planet from the sun. Me, the largest in the solar system, feed on me and we shall be one.

He laid his hands on me and came in my veins—he fucked me—brain washing me forever more. And I call Him Jupiter Love.


Dannijo necklace Suicide

Suicide—to kill oneself, the act of intentionally causing his or her own death. Leaving an undesirable situation.

White light gazing above her head, taking her last breath, remembering who she was before life took that sudden turn with no warning, swept away by a power stronger than she; submerged in him and loving every moment, her life meaningless with no sense before he came, becoming a martyr for a sentiment truly holy.

So she makes the choice to depart with her soul taking on anew with no regrets, no second thoughts. I lay my life down because you are where I belong.

My mind shielded by thoughts of You, my heart filled with love only for you. So here I am, ready to take my last breath she says with a sword in her right hand and tears of joy filling her eyes, anticipating the beats of her heart fading.

Dressed in all white, pure as one can be, she thrust herself in the heart ending life that used to be dying for the only cause she believed in, she is me and I just died in his love for evermore.

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