Zombie Nation

Lora Zombie’s works are a whirlwind of war, sex, and drugs with a touch of humor.

When looking at a piece by Russian grunge artist Lora Zombie, you are struck with questions like, What? Why? and Where did this come from? She answers, “It’s just current information that I receive into my brain-pot like anyone else. After processing, it comes out as ideas and themes for my work.”



Her inspiration comes “from everything and everywhere” and includes a mix of music, pop culture, nature, animals, colors, cartoons, movies, friends, bubble gum, and unicorns. Even TV has served as her inspiration, for a piece she contributed to the “Breaking Bad Art Project” exhibition at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, which had some highprofile attendees, including actor Aaron Paul.

One of her favorite pieces is Creator of the Universe, a work that depicts a young girl with a panda bear companion riding a bicycle into a colorful, swirling outer space. “It’s the perfect mix,” explains Zombie, who sells through eyesonwalls.com. “Humor is just a part of me that finds its way into my paintings.”


When asked if she thought she would be a successful artist, she answers, “I thought I would become a rock star, actually.” Is that the same sense of humor apparent in her works?

Check out more of Lora Zombie’s art in the gallery below. 

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