Zulu Tattoo

Zulu Tattoo & Eclectic
LOS ANGELES, CA 90048-3521
Established: 1992
Artists: Zulu, Lantz, Afa, Misha, and Sameerah
Spirituality rules at this famed establishment, whose client list includes Montel Williams and Dennis Rodman. “Western tattooing, unfortunately, is about money,” says owner Roni Zulu. “But the art of tattooing is a very ancient, very sacred art form.” Concerned with learning and preserving the primordial cultural aspects of the craft, Zulu frequently travels to places like the Tahitian islands and Samoa, to absorb and import ideas back to his shop. “Our goal is not to put something on you, we want to pull something out of you,” insists Zulu. This means clients and artists will sometimes collaborate on a particular piece for up to six months before both feel an image is ready to be etched. It’s a very intimate relationship, but one that culminates in a custom piece that transcends the formulaic.
Eat: French 75 (Burbank), 3400 West Olive Ave., Burbank, CA, 818-955- 5100. Now that your spiritual side has been satiated, it’s time to find complete harmony with a good meal. Named after the iconic fifties cocktail, this Burbank establishment might be a little bit of a hike, but the great classic French bistro dishes are worth the travel time. Treat yourself and go for decadent dishes like champagne battered onion rings.

Drink: Bar Marmont, 8171 W. Sunset Blvd., 323-650-0575. Adjacent to the swanky Chateau Marmont, this bar is well known for celebrity sightings. The drinks can be expensive, but hey, this is LA.

Spend: Denim Revival, 8044 W. 3rd St., 323-852-0171. Continue in your exploration of all things ancient with a pair of vintage Levis. Sure, they might not be as old as the wooden hand tools used by the Samoans, but you’ll still be paying homage the traditions of a generation past.

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