Artist Shawn Barber Impresses Again with Release of New Book and Exhibit

Multi-talented tattooist, painter and friend to many, Shawn Barber has done it again with the upcoming release of his third series book titled “Memoir: The Tattooed Portrait Series.” 

The memoir documents Barber’s perception of the modern world of tattoos, in which he explains what he see’s through the use of oil paintings and other mediums. The 256-page hardcover book contains 110 color paintings, 30 color photos and multiple essays. 

Many of the subjects that are presented in the memoir are of celebrated tattoo artists like Shige of Yokohama, Japan, and James Spencer Briggs.

With it’s July release date, it would be only fitting for Barber to showcase his impeccable work to the world with an exhibit. His solo show which features all of his works from  “Memoir: The Tattooed Portrait Series,” will be held at the Joshua Linear Gallery, which is located in New York City’s Chelsea Arts district. The exhibit opens June 28th and will be held until July 28th.

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