Charlie Connell

  • Tattoos by Thomas Hooper

    Thomas Hooper is one of the leading tattoo artists in the blackwork field.  His pieces capture beautiful elements of geometry, solid line work, pointillism, and fine art making his tattoos both eye-catching and iconic. Originally from the UK, you can… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Josh Woods

    Josh Woods is a face you might remember from the very first season of Ink Master, but his talents spread far past just what you saw on the show.  As the owner of the Black 13 Tattoo studio in Nashville, Tennessee,… [ read more ]

  • Back To School Tattoos

    September is finally here, which means for all  you students out there it’s the beginning of the school year.  With all of these new books, art supplies, math problems, and hours in a classroom, we thought we’d show you some… [ read more ]

  • Autumn Tattoos

    With Labor Day in our rearview it’s time to come to terms with the fact that summer is over. While we’re going to miss weekends at the beach, autumn may very well be the most beautiful season. The colors that… [ read more ]

  • Samsung’s Fall Line Introduces Virtual Reality

    Have you ever wanted to go and see your favorite band front row but haven’t even been able to get nosebleed seats before the whole show sold out? Well, what would you do if suddenly there was a way to… [ read more ]

  • Q&A with Tattoo Nightmares’ Producer SallyAnn Salsano

    The “tattastrophies” move to a new coast as Tattoo Nightmares Miami premieres tonight at 11 PM EST on Spike TV following Ink Master. With a new cast of characters: Clint Cummings, High Noon and Reese Hilburn trying to work their… [ read more ]

  • A Hacker Stole More Than Celeb’s Nudes

    Inked is fucking disgusted by The Fappening NSFW Gallery follows the text The ice in the cooler had mostly melted into semi-chilled water and you were feeling around for the last summer brew while the biggest Internet event of the… [ read more ]