Charlie Connell

Biker Tattoos

July 14 2016

Bikers take two things very seriously—their bike and their ink. When their not tearing it up on the highways of America you know they are spending time at the tattoo shop. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to their art a lot… [ read more ]

First Look at The Terrifying Pennywise from the ‘It’ Remake

July 13 2016

Clowns are terrifying. This is almost an indisputable fact. They were scary enough before horror legend Stephen King penned 1986’s It introduced us to the psychotic Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and he has been making us collectively shit our pants every time… [ read more ]

Quiz: Is ________ a Pokémon or Type of Sushi?

July 13 2016

Credits: Pokémon tattoo by Courtney Raimondi, sushi tattoo by Kelly McGrath.

All Star Baseball Tattoos

July 12 2016

Considering that baseball is our national pastime, one should not be surprised to see that there are a heck of a lot of baseball tattoos out there. There are so many different teams out there and likewise just as many… [ read more ]

French Street Artist Turns Boring Walls into 3D Murals

July 11 2016

This gallery contains 14 jaw dropping 3D murals, #4 will blow your mind! Aesthetically speaking, the sides of buildings are often quite boring. Three plus stories of plain concrete facade can be an unintentional eye sore within a city, but… [ read more ]

Tatul Wants To Bring Your Faded Tattoos Back to Life

July 8 2016

We all want our tattoos looking great long term but unfortunately not everybody takes very good care of their ink. Tattoos often lose brightness, clarity, and definition over time as the top layers of skin become coarser, uneven and more… [ read more ]

New Study Shows Earliest Tattoos Were Created With Volcanic Glass Tools

July 8 2016

Every time a tattoo artist fires up their machine and goes to work they are continuing a tradition of body modification that started thousands of years ago. And while it is easy to imagine people being tattooed thousands of years… [ read more ]

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