Charlie Connell

  • Miley Cyrus Gets Tattooed by Bang Bang

    The Bangerz starlet, Miley Cyrus has learned to tattoo!  Well, sort of.  Cyrus has now become another famous face to get tattooed by celebrity tattooer Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Owner of Bang Bang NYC in the Lower East Side, as… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Teresa Sharpe

    Teresa Sharpe is one of the most recognizable illustrative tattoo artists out there.  With a unique take on such a colorful style, her ability to create fantastical imagery, uniquely designed animals, and use beautiful line work has helped to put… [ read more ]

  • Saying Anything and Everything with Max Bemis

    Recently we were lucky enough to sit down with Max Bemis in the Inked offices as he enjoyed a rare day off from touring in support of Say Anything’s new album Hebrews. Bemis discussed ditching guitars in favor of strings,… [ read more ]

  • Full Back Tattoos

    Nowadays, high quality tattoos tend to be viewed as high-end works of art, and with fine art, a lot of times you may need a big canvas.  So what better canvas for a tattoo is there than a back?  Here… [ read more ]

  • Food Art By Yaseen

    Food is arguably one of the greatest things on the planet.  In fact, some people love food so much that they have transformed it into a medium of art.  United Kingdom-based artist, Yaseen has been using food to recreate famous… [ read more ]

  • SuicideGirls: Geekology

    SuicideGirls are the biggest Internet name in alternative modeling and have recently decided to release a brand new book to show not only how gorgeous they are, but also just how geeky they can be.  Whether it’s reading comics, playing… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Moni Marino

    Moni Marino is one of the most talented realism tattoo artists in the industry.  Currently located in Vienna, Austria, she travels all over the world to create tattoos that are as lifelike as they are colorful.  Here are some of… [ read more ]