Rocky Rakovic

Girl Moans As Her Lady Parts Get Tattooed

July 28 2015

An oldie but goodie. “Danni Girl getting tattooed by Rooster of [then] Prick Tattoo’s San Antonio, Texas at the 5th Annual Alamo City Tattoo Show, San Antonio Texas 2009!” Insert prick joke here.

Craziest At-Bat Warm-Up on the Planet

July 23 2015

Forget the batting stances of Julio Franco, Manny Ramirez and Phil Plantier. Wait, you have no idea who Plantier is/was? Then you probably think baseball is too slow (you might be right) and boring (dead wrong, and un-American!). Anyway this… [ read more ]

Epic Burns in YouTube Comments

July 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The internet is a glorious place full stupid people, free thought and very witty folks. You put those together, add YouTube videos and we guarantee that you can’t get through this list without actually laughing out… [ read more ]

Jon Mesa, Tattoo Artist, “A Day In the Life” Video

July 23 2015

Photo Gallery and Video Follow the Text Jon Mesa stands on the backpieces of giants (in his Converse Chuck Taylor All Star IIs). Mesa, one of the greatest contemporary tattoo artists respects the past tattooers and, with his take on… [ read more ]

Hayley Williams Gets Awful Tattoo in New Found Glory Video

July 22 2015

Paramore’s songstress Hayley Williams is just one of a few people to get bad ink in New Found Glory’s new video for “Vicious Love.” Williams, who sings in this version of the song, gets a belly rocker that reads, “Chad,”… [ read more ]

Man, Allegedly, Beaten By Police for Having Too Many Tattoos

July 17 2015

  We are based in the United States, Land of the Free, where tattoos have a stigma but rarely do authorities brutalize us for wearing ink. Meanwhile people like¬†Jerry Gbuobadia, who lives in Benin, Nigeria says that two cops beat… [ read more ]

Shhh! Adorable Sleeping Puppies

July 17 2015

Puppies pass out hard, in the strangest of places and positions. When they aren’t yapping, following you around or hiding things under your bed these fur babies look so sweet and innocent catching some sleep. We send these little angels… [ read more ]

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