Banksy Shares Two New Olympics-Inspired Grafitti Pieces

Banksy is back at it again, this time his artwork highlights the upcoming 2012 Olympics, something that most people in the world are looking forward to. Like previous blogs we’ve written about Banksy, we will give you uncultured fans a little context. Banksy is a graffiti artist that has been gracing us with his usually controversial, incriminatingly satirical, extremely political and always interesting street art for decades.

This newest instillation has left us amused and intrigued because it takes what unites most people in the world, the Olympics, and puts his ever so famous spin on it. The first piece shows an olympian with a missile in his hand instead of a javelin. The next picture is an olympian pole vaulting over what looks like a prison gate, obviously drawing on our high incarceration rate.

No matter what Banksy does, it’s always meaningful. Check out the pictures below and Banksy’s official website to see more. What do you all think? What point was he trying to make? Let us know!

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