Best In Show: Chris May (Ink Master | Season 3)

In preparation for Ink Master’s third season, which begins airing on Spike TV this month, we asked the show’s contestants to complete a flash challenge of our own. To introduce you to the new crop—and reintroduce you to fan favorite Tatu Baby—we gave each artist a blank pinewood derby car to deck out. Unlike the Boy Scouts, we won’t be racing the cars; because we prefer form over function, this contest is all about the art. We’re going to let you be the judge of this flash challenge and choose the best design (and, like the Boy Scouts, we asked that the contestants’ dads not help out). Visit INKED’s Facebook page to vote for the car that you think best showcases the skills of a winner who will get to take home $100,000, a feature in INKED magazine, and the title of Ink Master.


Proton Tattoo
DeKalb, IL

“With the exception of the tattoo stuff, I spent $5 at the dollar store for the [materials]. It says I can make the most out of very little. I liked designing the car better than tattooing a body: It didn’t flinch when I drilled it, it didn’t need to hold its friend’s hand, and it didn’t ask me to put its kids’ names on its bumper.”

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