Inked Girls in their Underwear

August 3 2015

As of 24 hours ago we had never heard that August 5th was National Underwear Day, but if there is a holiday celebrating people in their skivvies you know that we’re on board 120%. In the following gallery we’ve collected… [ read more ]

Unconventional Piercings

August 3 2015

Just like tattoos, piercings are another great way to express yourself, and here at the Inked office we support that freedom 100 percent. In the past we’ve covered both popular and less common piercings, like Piercings Women Want and Eyelid Piercings…. [ read more ]

Watch: Dirt Biker Rides Wave

August 3 2015

Do you know what’s baller? Riding a friggin’ wave on a dirt bike. That’s it, we have nothing left to add save Robbie Maddison wins Shark Week.

Beauty Inspired Tattoos

August 3 2015

Not every single tattoo has to be dark and filled with skulls. Though most of those tattoos are awesome, there are some people that prefer to have their tattoos extremely bright, bubbly, and sometimes filled with beauty products. The tattoos… [ read more ]

Salt & Pepper Portraits

August 3 2015

Virtually everyone uses salt & pepper when they are cooking, only a very skilled few use the spices to create art. We can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to create the pieces of art featured in the gallery… [ read more ]

Henna Heals

August 3 2015

Gallery Follows the Text There is something very special about the henna crowns that you are going to see in the gallery below. No, it’s not the artistry involved in creating them, although the artistry is clearly exceptional. It’s the… [ read more ]

Insane Head Tattoos

July 31 2015

Getting tattooed on areas like the shoulder, the thigh, and even the forearm can sting a bit, but we can not even image what these people felt! Getting tattooed in the head takes a high pain threshold and a ton… [ read more ]

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