The New Joker Is Covered in Tattoos

April 25 2015

The new Joker is covered in tattoos. Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayers, presented this photo of Jared Leto in role of “The Killing Joker.” “Leto’s Joker retains the chalky pigmentation, dark eyeliner, and green hair the character’s known for,… [ read more ]

Hitting the Road with Kyle Dunbar: A Party with Friends

April 24 2015

Former Ink Master contestant Kyle Dunbar has packed up his tattoo equipment and hit the road looking for adventure. With his family in tow, Dunbar will be traveling the country and trying to make a living as a roving tattoo artist. Over the coming… [ read more ]

Creative Infinity Symbol Tattoos

April 24 2015

Infinity symbol tattoos have been a trend of the past three or so years, just enough time to get inventive. Following are some interesting ideas working with the idea and flow of the infinity symbol. Please use them as inspiration… [ read more ]

Butts and Pieces

April 24 2015

9 tattooed girls whose booties make us want to follow them to wherever they want to lead us.  

Funny Finger Art

April 24 2015

Creative and whimsical uses of fingers. From zombies to vampires to a loving couple these fingers come alive with a bit of imagination. Some are drawn on with marker and some painted on—we would really love to these turned into… [ read more ]

Colleen Crowley Gets Tattoo For Johnny Manziel

April 24 2015

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is no stranger to the headlines. He’s been making them since high school, continued to as a Heisman Trophy winning freshman when he played for the Texas A&M University Aggies, and most recently made the… [ read more ]

China Cracks Down on Funeral Strippers

April 24 2015

Surely, by now, we’re all used to hearing stories about how Chinese culture is more advanced than American culture. I’ll admit, I have not been to many funerals in my life, but whenever I’ve gone to one, there was never a… [ read more ]