What Does the Fox Tattoo Say?

February 25 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this amazing side piece by Eva Mpatshi.  Mpatshi is best known for her sketch work style that incorporates elements of watercolor, trash polka, black work and abstract tattooing all into one.  Based in Belgium… [ read more ]

Tattoos in Space!

February 24 2015

Tattoos…. the final frontier. These are the voyages of the website Woah. Sorry about that, got a little carried away. Now that you’ve read our poor Shatner impression let us get back on your good side by showing you… [ read more ]

The Broadway Joe Featuring George Dickel No. 12

February 24 2015

Although we are cutting edge here at Inked we are a little old school in our drinking predilections. For instance we don’t allow Red Bull anywhere near our alcohol and don’t associate with those who mix the two (sure, there… [ read more ]

Two Tattoos are Better Than One

February 24 2015

Tattoos that connect one part of the body to another part are some of the coolest tattoos visually when done properly.  Houston Patton, one half of the partnership that makes up Thieves of Tower, is a tattooist who has used… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek: Boris

February 24 2015

Boris is one of the biggest names in tattooing.  Having first got his start in 1992, he has been an icon and mentor for various color realism artists such as Moni Marino, Randy Engelhard, and Nikko Hurtado.  In fact, after… [ read more ]

Warriors For Art

February 24 2015

Art has the power to change lives.  Whether it’s ink on your body forever inspiring you in life or a custom painting donated to help raise money for a good cause, art both brings people together and allows us to… [ read more ]

Unbelievable Portrait Murals by Guido van Helten

February 24 2015

Australian artist Guido van Helten has turned entire cities into picture albums thanks to his enormous murals. Van Helten has a style that brings to mind old photos from an era long before the invention of camera phones or selfies…. [ read more ]