Fill Your Bathroom With Flash

June 22 2015

Whoever told you that your bathroom needed to be boring was a liar. There is no reason that you can’t fill your bathroom with the same stylistic art that you have in your living room. Rip your plain old shower… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek – Goethe

June 22 2015

It’s time you got to know Goethe. No, we’re not talking about the German writer from the 19th century, although Faust is pretty amazing. We’re talking about the tattoo artist known for making some of the sickest black-and-grey tattoos with a… [ read more ]

Ruby Rose

June 22 2015

With the third season of Orange is the New Black streaming on Netflix it seems like Ruby Rose is the next big thing. Not to sound like we’re hipsters or anything, but we knew about her many years and a hell… [ read more ]

Pug Tattoos

June 22 2015

Thanks to a wide proliferation of hilarious videos on the internet we find ourselves in an era filled with love for pets. One of the most beloved of all of the breeds of dogs is the pug. With their scrunched… [ read more ]

Polynesian Style Tattoos

June 22 2015

While there is an ongoing debate about where the art of tattooing was born, it can’t be denied that the tattooing culture in the Pacific is one of the richest traditions of all. Tattooing has been an integral part of… [ read more ]

Help Legalize Tattooing in South Korea

June 22 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Given the proliferation of tattoo artists in the United States and the freedom they enjoy to ply their craft it’s easy to forget that in other countries tattooists aren’t so lucky. One somewhat surprising example of… [ read more ]

Celtic Tattoos

June 19 2015

From the time I first saw a Celtic knot on a tea towel at my grandma’s house I was enamored with the intricate details in the designs. At that young age it never occurred to me that the designs would… [ read more ]