Tattooed Model Madness Championship

April 8 2015

It’s been a grueling two weeks but we’ve finally hit the home stretch—only two women remain in the 2015 Inked Tattooed Model Madness. Arabella Drummond and Leah Jung have both found themselves victorious five times, but only one of them will… [ read more ]

Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Attraction

April 7 2015

All winter long people in the frozen parts of the country long desperately to be on the islands so they can thaw up for a little while. Little do they know that there is a whole lot more to Hawaii… [ read more ]

A Twisted Take on Ordinary Life

April 7 2015

Every tattoo has a story behind it. The vast majority of these stories fall into one of two categories—the tattoos either commemorate a person/place/event or they act of getting the tattoo was a memorable experience. It’s the rare piece, like… [ read more ]

Name That Inked Girl

April 7 2015

How well do you know your Inked Girls? For example, do you think you can identify them without seeing their faces? Well, it’s time to test your knowledge. If you’re a true aficionado you should be able to name all 11 of… [ read more ]

Flip the Bird to Crappy Mornings

April 7 2015

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fully functional human being until I have had at least four cups of coffee. Any sort of personal interaction prior to my four cup minimum will likely end with me snarling… [ read more ]

Unauthorized Snowden Bust Leaves Mark Despite Short Life

April 6 2015

Visitors to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn on Monday morning may have noticed something out of the ordinary as they passed the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument—a four-foot tall bust of Edward Snowden sat on top of one of the columns…. [ read more ]

Q&A With Bret Hauser of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

April 6 2015

Meet Bret Hauser, a 30-year-old, Miami-based sous chef who can be seen on the current 14th season of Hell’s Kitchen—you know, that competition reality show where chef Gordon Ramsay screams and yells at a crew of hopeful chefs who are… [ read more ]