Amber Rose Twerks On Her Hot Pink Jeep

July 24 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Amber Rose is living the “MILF LIFE” and showing some major love for her new ride. The hot momma of one shook her assets like a queen for Instagram, reppin’ MILFs around the world. This video… [ read more ]

David Beckham Parties Like It’s 1999 With His Newest Ink

July 23 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text David Beckham has had a lot of good years in his life, but we’re guessing that none of them compare to 1999. The British footballer has chosen to remember the year in the best way… [ read more ]

These Tattoos Are Flaming Hot

July 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Not to alarm you, but these tattoos are on fire. (We pride ourselves on being corny here at Inked.) It is extremely challenging to tattoo flames; dare we say the artists behind these sick pieces are… [ read more ]

Spiritual Tattoos

July 23 2015

It’s no secret that people hold their ink close to their hearts. Thus it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of people choose to go in a spiritual direction with their tattoos. Whether it is a laughing Buddha or… [ read more ]

Craziest At-Bat Warm-Up on the Planet

July 23 2015

Forget the batting stances of Julio Franco, Manny Ramirez and Phil Plantier. Wait, you have no idea who Plantier is/was? Then you probably think baseball is too slow (you might be right) and boring (dead wrong, and un-American!). Anyway this… [ read more ]

Epic Burns in YouTube Comments

July 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The internet is a glorious place full stupid people, free thought and very witty folks. You put those together, add YouTube videos and we guarantee that you can’t get through this list without actually laughing out… [ read more ]

9 Naughty Cocktail Names And Recipes

July 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Sex On the Beach may as well be renamed Walk in the Park after viewing the nine following cocktails. The naughty drinks got their names by drunken, horny bartenders and baristas that expressed their sexual frustrations through their mixology skills…. [ read more ]

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