Take Comfort with These Skulls

March 23 2015

It is only in the most rare of instances when a person would consider a skull to be comforting. Adjectives that normally accompany skulls are usually along the lines of badass, morbid, and creepy—certainly not words like soothing, comforting, or… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Madness – Second Round

March 20 2015

PHOTOS AND VOTING FOLLOW THE TEXT We are merely one day into the NCAA Tournament and people can’t stop talking about all of the historic upsets. Well, compared to the Inked Tattooed Model Madness Tournament the basketball one is pretty… [ read more ]

Corsets in Space

March 20 2015

There are many ways to wear a corset.  Some people choose to actually wear one that they bought in a boutique or online.  Some choose to have them pierced and laced into their bodies.  Others choose to have them tattooed… [ read more ]

Kat Von D Responds to Controversial Lipstick Name

March 20 2015

Kat Von D is the most well known tattoo artist in the media of all time.  She has starred on two television shows, written three books, and inked countless numbers of celebrities and collectors with remarkable black and grey realism.   One… [ read more ]

That’s One Deadly Flower

March 20 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this remarkable piece by Andres Acosta!  Acosta is best known for his amazing rose morphs in which he combines everyday objects or animals with a signature red rose.  As the years have gone on,… [ read more ]

If It’s Baroque, Don’t Fix It

March 20 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this amazing piece by Moni Marino.  Marino is one of the best known international artists out there.  Based in Germany, Marino has been tattooing since 1993 and eventually opened up Essen’s Black Barock Art… [ read more ]

Progress Shots

March 19 2015

A good cover-up is so good that the viewer should have no idea that the tattoo they are looking at is concealing another.  Doing cover-up tattoos, however, is not an easy task.  A cover-up needs to flow with the body,… [ read more ]