Swine Art – Tattoo Artists Ply Their Craft on Pig Heads

September 28 2015

We’re used to seeing tattooists break boundaries on an everyday basis, but we had never even thought make the leap that these 10 artists have made. Perhaps we were too pigheaded to even consider the potential of tattooing on swine… [ read more ]

104-Year-Old Yarn-Bomber On The Loose!

September 25 2015

Grace Brett is a great-grandmother like you have never seen before. At 104-years-old, the lady has taken the unofficial title of World’s Oldest Street Artist. Like many women of her time, Grace took to knitting early on in life. Obviously, with nearly… [ read more ]

Sphynx Cat Tattoos

September 25 2015

Despite their exotic and alien-esque appearance, the Sphynx cat has only been around since 1966. In Toronto, Canada a hairless cat named Prune was born to a black and white shorthair and was then bred to create this unique breed… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink: Soaring in the Clouds with Miss Tina Louise

September 25 2015

Full Gallery Follows the Text Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling, tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to time. Alysha always… [ read more ]

This Remarkable 3D Tattoo Will Leave You Staring Into the Void

September 25 2015

Full Gallery Follows the Text We challenge you to look at this tattoo without starting to feel a little dizzy. Go ahead, really look at it. Stare right into the darkness in the middle. Crazy, right? This amazing 3D tattoo… [ read more ]

Nightmare Force Crafts the Horror Masks of Your Dreams

September 25 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Nightmare Force monster masks not sold at your local Party City. A small team of artists, though scattered across the country, recently joined forces to create the sickest monster masks around under the name of Nightmare Force. Complete with… [ read more ]

You Need to See Conan’s New Tattoo

September 25 2015

Conan O’Brien is known for a lot of things—his goofy dance moves, his shock of red hair, his continual tormenting of poor Andy Richter—but he’s never been known as a tattoo aficionado. Until now that is. After losing a game… [ read more ]

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