You Won’t Believe Who Kat Von D is Dating

January 21 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It appears that the tattoo community has a brand new inked power couple. LA Ink’s Kat Von D has been seen out and about with a brand new beau. Any guesses as to who the lucky guy may… [ read more ]

Boredom Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

January 20 2016

Life can often feel like we are waging a constant battle against boredom. God forbid we have a couple of moments in the day when we just veg out, instead we try and go go go constantly. But boredom isn’t… [ read more ]

Blue Rose Tattoos

January 20 2016

Some roses are red, these roses are blue, so we’ve created a list, and put it together for you. Maybe that’s not exactly how it goes, but it’s close enough and also true. We love tattoos of all flowers! Simple… [ read more ]

Blackwork Tattoos

January 20 2016

In the last 50 years of tattooing one thing has changed dramatically—the number of different colors of ink. You can now find tattoo ink in every single color you can name, and probably a few that you can’t. But guess… [ read more ]

Nautical Tattoos

January 20 2016

Considering that tattoos became popular in the western world thanks to the contributions of sailors, one shouldn’t be surprised that nautical imagery is still incredibly prevalent. Whether it be anchor tattoos, compass tattoos, caravel tattoos or tattoos of the creatures… [ read more ]

Guess What This Body Mod Is?

January 20 2016

  If you thought it was scarification you were on the right track, however this is insane special effects scar make-up from The Revenant on Leonardo DiCaprio. We’ll be honest, we have yet to see the Oscar-nominated flick (it looks very… [ read more ]

Bikini Baristas Show Off Ink While Serving Drinks

January 19 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Video and Text Every morning we go through the same struggle to wake up and get ready for the day. Throughout years of practice shaking the cobwebs out in the a.m. we have discovered that there… [ read more ]

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