Tattoos to Celebrate Pope Francis’ US Visit

September 23 2015

There seems to be only one thing on the mind of people in New York City this week—Pizza Rat. Just kidding, what I’m clearly talking about is Pope Francis’ visit. This will mark only the fourth time that a sitting… [ read more ]

Give Yourself A Scare With These Skull Tattoos

September 22 2015

Do you remember the first tattoo you ever saw? It was a skull tattoo, wasn’t it? Yeah, yeah it was. Skulls have always been one of the most popular subject matters for ink. Perhaps this is because they look completely… [ read more ]

Take A Peek At The New Issue of Freshly Inked W/ John ‘Yogi’ Barrett

September 22 2015

The new issue of Freshly Inked with John “Yogi” Barrett about to burst off of the cover will be hitting the newsstand any day now. The multi-talented Barrett has been breaking new ground by using multiple styles in the same… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Yeonji

September 22 2015

Yeonji is one of the sexiest tattooed models we have ever seen, it’s time that you got to know her too. Whether she is relaxing in her bathing suit or frolicking with one of her equally sexy friends, Yeonji knows… [ read more ]

Super Mario Brothers Tattoos

September 22 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Nothing beats the days spent gathered around the Nintendo 64 (or SNES, or NES, or Wii…) with your friends while arguing over who got to play Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong (let’s face it, nobody… [ read more ]

What It Feels Like To Get Tattooed As Told By Spongebob

September 21 2015

Gallery Follows the Text We can’t remember an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that involved him entering a tattoo shop and sitting down for a session (that’s a tip to you, writers), but we do recall the famous sponge to be quite spectacular… [ read more ]

Pumpkin Houses

September 21 2015

We’ve all seen the same old jack o’ lanterns a thousand times, but have you ever seen a pumpkin house? These creative carvings (and decorations) have helped get us ready for fall and, of course, Halloween. This is the first… [ read more ]

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