Peanuts Tattoos

November 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? He and his best friend, Snoopy, have been making people of all ages laugh for decades. The power pals are a staple to America’s family of comics. Now, the Peanuts are headed… [ read more ]

James Bond Tattoos

November 6 2015

The iconic James Bond will be returning to theaters for the 24th time when SPECTRE opens this Friday. We have to say, we’ve become quite fond of Daniel Craig’s performance as the world’s most famous secret agent. And judging by these… [ read more ]

10 Reasons People Get Tattooed

November 6 2015

Our reasoning for getting tattooed usually changes over time. Initially, we often get tattoos that have a lot of meaning behind them. It’s not unusual to feel that the more ink we get, the less monumental each session is. For… [ read more ]

11 Pop Songs That Sing About Tattoos

November 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text It seems the word “tattoo” is the go-to lyric used by female pop stars to express their undying love for a mate. It has become the ultimate metaphor used to describe the pain caused by a broken heart…. [ read more ]

Body Positive Tattoos

November 5 2015

Tattoo artists have been capturing the feminine mystique in their tattoos since the art form began—from the hula dancers of the Sailor Jerry era to the geishas of traditional Japanese tattooing. Yet, more often than not, tattoo artists tend to… [ read more ]

Test Drive Your Tattoo With Momentary Ink

November 5 2015

Gallery Follows the Text I can’t tell you how many people that I have met who have cold feet about getting a tattoo. Other than the trepidation over pain, their primary concern tends to be that they worry that they… [ read more ]

Deniro Farrar – Hip Hop’s Biggest Bookworm

November 4 2015

In a society where even children seem to be wildly aware of their “personal brand” it has become remarkably refreshing when you meet someone who is genuinely what they say they are. Refreshing is probably an understatement, “shocked” is a… [ read more ]

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