Boondock Saints Gone Bad

The sequel to the bad ass cult film, Boondock Saints, has finally released its sequel this month; I’m shocked it made it to theaters. All of the components that made this movie memorable have been replaced with bad acting, terrible writing, and random wind tunnels. Willem Dafoe has been replaced with Julie Benz, “Rita” from Dexter. Instead of Dafoe in drag we get a bad southern accent and a constant wind tunnel highlighting her long flowy hair. The old man bartender, whom we all loved for the turrets-induced foul language, is only in the movie for about 10 minutes. After a 10 year wait, the only consistencies are the still bad ass tattoos and the chemistry between the brothers, which still provides great banter. Still, avoid it at all costs if you would like to keep the sanctity of the original alive.

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