British Neighborhood Wants Their Banksy Back

What could be more infuriating than a precious piece of your community being removed, then sold at auction, and there‘s nothing you can do about it? A fresh mural by Banksy, the world reknown graffiti artist, had been cut out of the wall it was posted on, and auctioned off in Miami last week. The piece appeared last May, a young boy sewing on an antique sewing machine, spewing out Union Jack bunting, depicting Banksy’s “
typically cheeky take on the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the British throne.”

The notoriously anonymous artist’s work drew people from all over the world to appreciate it. Banksy generally has this affect on communities, with his satirically themed street work that has changed the world of underground art everywhere. The community found that this incredibly cherished gift from the artist had been stripped from the wall that it had been on, leaving nothing but barren brick. Everyone was devastated, even the police and authorities contacted the auctioneer in attempt to retrieve the work, however, because it had been on private property and acquired through completely “legal” means, there is nothing they can do about this pending exchange.

It’s completely outrageous that people are selfish enough to blatantly steal a significant piece of art from a community, then sell it for their own benefit- and then get away with it!  First of all, the entire scenario contradicts Banksy’s attitude and messages in his artwork, which is to call attention to the a moral corruption in  societies. Second, it is a piece of art, an idea, a source of pride in the community where it was  placed – you can’t put a price on that. This is where the lines are blurred between morality and “legality”.

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