Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Los Angeles 2025


Call of Duty fanatics beware… You are not ready or worthy of the sheer genius that is embedded in the new video game. The amount that you all have been waiting is nothing but gracious because the work the boys over at Call of Duty have been putting in to satisfy their customers is impeccable. The advanced graphics are only the start.

Inked Mag was able to check out a viewing of the single player campaign, which is set in Los Angeles in the year 2025 where it seems as though it’s World War 4. With exciting new weaponry like sniper rifles, drones and new multi-tasking methods, it’s no wonder why this is slated to be one of the best video game released of the year. 

A new addition to single player campaign is the strike force levels that are non linear breaks in the story line (side missions) which are played for success or fail throughout the game. And of course, this is a return of zombies! Call of Duty 2 video game is literally so complete, that it’s like having 3 separate games in one.

Check out the trailer and pictures below, and make sure you reserve yourself a copy! You will not be disappointed.


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