Canadian Student Protesters Get Inked In Solidarity


Two hundred people gathered at the Place Émilie-Gamelin in Montreal last Thursday to protest a tuition increase, with half of the group getting tattoos to symbolize the movement.

The event, nicknamed “tattoo-a-thon”, was organized by a blogger named Gabriel Roy via Facebook. His goal was to “send a clear message about the permanence of resistance.” The protest group’s icon is a single red square and it was the image of choice that event attendees got tattooed on them.

The cost of the tattoo was $10 and people received them in an “open-air tattoo parlor” that was put together specifically for the event. Minors were rejected (despite some having approval from their parents). Those that did get inked were satisfied with their decision.

“I think that if one day I’m OK with the idea of raising tuition, I’ll look at my tattoo and it will remind me,” said Maude, one of the student protesters who got the red square on her shoulder blade.

Government officials in Quebec have been in an ongoing battle with students over tuition fee increases since February.


Source: CBC


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